Bibblio: Social and Open Learning Tool Launches in time for the New Academic Year

Leading academics are backing to enhance the way all students and educators access and share learning resources on the web.

The London start-up, which already counts the Open University amongst its early adopters, offers a completely new, easy-to-use social space for collecting, consuming and sharing educational resources. While students gain access to a world of high quality teaching - educators, academics and institutions benefit from a powerful new tool to extend their ideas, reach and reputation to a wider audience than ever before.

Bibblio founder Mads Holmen notes, “The internet has given rise to many new ways to learn and an explosion in free online learning resources. We have built Bibblio to link that content to people in a way that is simple to use and encourages self-directed, social learning for both the seriously discerning and the casually curious.” It’s a simple concept, but one which has been very carefully considered. “We don’t see Bibblio as competing with more formal education methods…” says Holmen,  “…in fact we see it as complementary to educational establishments and teachers – allowing them to extend their reach far beyond the classroom and lecture theatre, and also to organise online content into syllabus collections or supplementary resources.”

Andrew Law, Director of the Open University Open Media Unit, said: “Joining Bibblio means our material is now more universally accessible, searchable and embeddable. It is in keeping with the OU’s mission to be open and accessible to all.”

Ana Tam, an educator and Cultural Heritage Specialist, who previously worked at The British Museum is another early adopter: “Bibblio is a great tool to pool together resources with and pass value on to learners, knowing that you are your own quality controller. Educators want great content that is not too prescribed and can fit into their teaching. Bibblio offers this in spades!”

By bridging a gap between users and the wealth of resources hidden in various formats all over the Internet Bibblio has become a library for content from YouTube, Slideshare, PowerPoint, Soundcloud and various other formats.  As a quick Google search will show, finding good, reliable learning resources amongst the sea of other information online can be time consuming and it can be difficult to ascertain quickly the suitability of material. With a single home for curation, users are no longer forced down individual platform pathways, but are free to move across the internet within one platform, discovering and collecting new content by browsing keywords, topics, fellow users or curated collections.

It’s not just esteemed educational establishments such as the OU who have adopted the Bibblio platform – with a combined total of millions of fans and followers, the likes of YouTube education sensations Tyler DeWitt, Extra Credits, Bozeman Science and Wisecrack are all on-board, while BBC and ITN educational content is also featured.

To join the learning resources revolution, visit and be a part of a new community of educators creating, collating and sharing content for a simpler, smarter and richer learning experience. To see a collection, click here.


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