3 Free Websites for Easy Online Animation

3 Free Websites for Easy Online Animation

Do you have a hidden artist somewhere lurking inside you who wants to go beyond brush and canvas, or are you simply a 'not so good at drawing' person, yet have a creative organ oozing with ideas? Free online animation websites are here to serve your 

From cartoons for children to official presentations, animation today is being extensively used as an effective mode of communication in all sectors.

This art of bringing images to life is not entirely new. Animation began with Ting Huan's zeotope, followed by the thaumatrope, the flip book and finally the phenakistoscope. The 21st century technological spider however, has brought animation too to the World Wide Web like almost every other art!
You could be a social activist and use animation to communicate with your audience in a way that touches their heart, a teacher who wants to make science concepts easy for students to understand or you might want to send a personalized message to someone special. Animation comes in handy everywhere.

Here, we present three free animation websites that help you create animation online. You don’t have to go through any complex lessons, these websites provide you all the animator tools that you may need in creating the video.
These sites also let you save time. Using friendly online animation tools, your video can be ready in minutes!

1. GoAnimate
Go ahead with GoAnimate if you have time to invest and are planning on some quality videos. Without needing to be equipped with any special skills you can make a fully customized animation clip.
The website serves both schools of users- ones who want to use ready to use elements and others who want their animation to be completely unique. Users could choose between available characters, soundtracks, recorded audio present in the website library or use their own customized characters, music and voice recordings.
The provided timeline makes the entire process convenient and user friendly. The process doesn’t end here. Interestingly, the website also comes with a social component. Similar to other social networks, you can share your work with the online community, receive comments, gather followers, communicate using messages and best of all keep track of animation visits on your dashboard.

2. Xtranormal
For die heart animation lovers, Xtranormal is very promising, owing to its high video quality. The free membership however, limits your access to the Xtranormal movie maker, desktop and actor customization. Actors and sets on the other hand have to be purchased.
The workspace allows users to choose camera angles and add in images besides character movements, expressions and gestures, background music and dialogues. Contrary to other online animation websites, such details have to be added directly in the script where one types the dialogues. For more details on opportunities to make amazing clips using Xtranormal, you can visit the site’s YouTube channel.

3. Voki
Using Voki, you can create a personalized avatar, give it words and attach it to your blog, website or profile. Although Voki doesn’t provide you the facility to create animation clips, nevertheless it serves as an added attraction to your virtual space.
Created especially keeping the needs of students and teachers in mind, with your very own Voki you can personalize your teaching or learning experience.
Voki provides you interesting choices for a character base; use a cat, a dog or humans, change their appearance in terms of head, clothing and bling. Having done this you can upload your own voice recording, or call and leave a message on their number or use their easy to use text to speech interface. Next, you’re ready to publish!
Voki provides you a code that you can embed in your website or email your avatar to your friend. Your very own Voki is thus ready in three simple steps.
So get your artistic shoes on and allow these websites to give your ideas the animated form, without worrying about lessons or software. Happy animating!


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Author: Keerti Arora

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