Indian Educator Shares His Experience on Becoming a Google Certified Teacher

In 1998, when I lost my ambition of joining the Indian Army I decided to work as a 'Teacher'.

During my teaching time I came to know that 'Teaching' requires to follow a flow chart of complex category if you want to succeed in the classroom. One has to indulge himself completely in it. Gradually I realized that it was not just teaching, but learning day by day. I have an attribute to stimulate my students to have regular queries. This practice made me more innovative and creative and took me to the page 'Google For Education'. My topic for the  'Two Minutes Video' asked by GTA, was Motivation and Learning. I recorded a video on 'Motivation and Learning'.

There were a number of objective and descriptive questions to answer when I was in the process of applying for a GTA. But a long experience of classroom teaching and teacher training worked here to let the things go smoothly.

I had to read the mail from GTA several times to actually let it sink in that I had been selected to be a part of it. What an opportunity I had had!

What is a 'Google Teacher Academy' perhaps best to quote from the site. The GTA is a free professional development program designed to help the primary and secondary educators from the world get the most from innovative technologies. It is an intensive two day event in which participants get hands-on experience with Google tools specially designed for the world of education.

What a rich and inspiring experience it was!

52 star teachers from across the world, committed to work for the children rigorously,  gathered there and shared their experiences while having tips to integrate technology into the classroom from the amazing leaders ChrisBetcherWendy GortonJimSillJayAtwoodJohn Bailey, and many more from GTA.

Suddenly, after GTA I realized that I had been dropped into the blooming world of educators. Every day I got to have rich experiences shared by more than 800 exceptional educators from different streams.

Last 14 months, every hour of my profession had an influence of GTA. It helped me to blend my classroom activities with technology, hence made my teaching more effective and long lasting. I realized the importance of technology in the classroom. After GTA I have been exploiting continuously the technological tools provided by Google to ameliorate the learning in the classroom. Later, I got an opportunity to present  in one of the summits organized by Edtech Team in American School of Bombay. It helped to enhance and update my technological skills. I had a connection with Saint Albans School students from my growing network. Presently working for Barnsley College, Yorkshire, UK. All is due to my branding as a Google Certified Teacher.

The repute of GTA could probably be scaled by the answer given by one of my American teacher friends NickCusumano, when I asked him that why he had come to Australia if GTA is happened to be in America every year. He replied that he had availed this chance after his four attempts in America so he did not want to miss that opportunity at any cost.

It's great to hear that India has its first GTA this year on 27, 28 November at Gugaon. Applications are open to avail this opportunity for the teachers of global teaching community. Very first time Google is having eleven Google Teacher Academies at different places. It is a great opportunity provided by 'Google' for teachers in leadership who strongly believe in 'CREATE-COLLABORATE-SHARE'.

The GTA gives you an opportunity to meet exceptional teachers and educators from the education world. And post the GTA you will be a part of the Google Certified Teachers Group.

So leaders! Cheer up and don't miss this great event. Apply now. If you're not a GCT yet, I'd love to see you all there and any Rockstar teachers you are working with. Here is the application info!

Due Sep. 30th!

GTA India Application

Combine your trip to GAFE INDIA SUMMIT, American School Bombay with a trip to the Google Teacher Academy!   

GAFE India Summit

 This article originally appeared on EDUIDEA on August 22, 2014. 

About the Author
Author: Narender GilhotraWebsite:
Narender Gilhotra has been enjoying classroom teaching for 17 years, and been involved in Maths-English-Science Teaching.
He is passionate about transforming education in India. He is also a Google Certified Teacher, Google Teacher Academy, Sydney 2013 so he serves the education system through teacher training. He is an animal lover and a life long learner.

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