5 Great Websites You Must Know for Digital Storytelling

5 Great Websites You Must Know for Digital Storytelling

The practice of combining image and text with narration by the students or learners in their own voice to make short digital film is termed as Digital Storytelling. This concept is gaining popularity in the education industry.

A lot of educational establishment across the globe are including digital storytelling in their curriculum as a learning method.  Telling story is one of the best way keep student’s engagement and motivation high. It enhances intellectual and critical thinking in learners. So, if you are a teacher and looking some of the great websites for Digital Storytelling, then here are five sites just for you.


Glossi is a self-publishing platform that allows users to make and share their e-magazines or digital magazines. Users do not require any design or technical skills; they just need to have idea. Using Glossi app, users can create their fashion magazines, lookbooks, design layouts, travelogues, photo journals, etc.

Recite This

By using this wonderful website, you can create wonderful posters online. ‘Recite This’ is very easy to use, users can simply enter quote and get a wonderful slide of posters from where they can select the one that suites their need. And the website free for all.


Meograph is among the best place to engage students in multimedia storytelling. Educators can encourage their students to create digital story with Meograph. A digital story on Meograph uses voice narration, Google Map, timeline and images and videos. It is a browser-based application and students can create digital stories on their PCs even if they do not have Google Earth.


Figment is an online platform where leaners can create, discover, and share new reading their writing. With its unique features and engaged community for adolescent readers and writers, Figment is among the best and natural teaching tools for teachers.


Metta is an amazing tool for storytelling tool and creating visually alluring mixed media stories. Using this tool, learners can make quick movies using videos, text, pictures, and sounds that are present on the web. With this tool, you can insert polls, collect buttons, statistics and follow stories. 

Try these websites and let us know your how you plan to use the same in the comment box.

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