Android Apps You Must Check Out Being a Teacher

Android Apps You Must Check Out Being a Teacher

All the important professional sectors in the market today including business, medical, media, etc. are undergoing technological advancements and so is education. Mobile technology has helped in delivering and bringing education to a mobile platform.

With the growth of smartphone adoption, platforms like Android have evolved rapidly and as a result we have seen increased development of numerous mobile apps including apps for learning. The following are some of the great educational apps available for Android based devices.

Mathematics based - Algebra Tutor

Math is a subject that is often tricky for middle and high schoolers. The Algebra Tutor app for Android can really help students in taking their studies to another level. The app is designed in such a way that it provides good practice to hone the necessary skills for algebra and pre-algebra. It has 35 practice concepts ranging from fractions to integers, with a step-by-step walkthrough of every problem to check where the mistake was made. The stats can be also saved to track progress over time.

Courses123 - language learning app

Course 123 is a latest app which is targeted for language learning. It utilizes the modern technologies to learn and master foreign languages. It comes equipped with solutions that let you learn words effectively and pronounce them in the right way. It is a perfect app for those who would like to learn while commuting, at home or at different places in a mobile way.

Official TED App

It is the TED official app which has hundreds of inspiring Talks that are coupled with fascinating lectures from experts on a wide range of topics. Many of them are very good for sparking a class debate and discussion and others are a perfect source of inspiration for educations who are developing new lesson plans or lectures. 

Widgetlabs - Khan Academy Player

Widgetlabs developed Khan Academy, which has amazed the world with its new and innovative way to learn any subject available digitally. The Khan Academy Player allows browsing and watching educational videos in subjects like math, physics, chemistry and much more making it perfect for students in any grade or beyond. It also has a section for helping in test preparation, talks and interviews. It has all videos categorized and are available for download for viewing them offline.

Group study using

If learning alone is difficult for you then check out the app as it is the most popular and largest social network for studying in a group. It has a ton of tools that are best for mutual help with regards to school subjects. It can even include foreign students, classmates or anyone who is on the same topic. is targeted at those who love and benefit from group studies to learn things in a much better way. 

Cloud-based Diigo

Diigo stands for Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff and is actually a cloud-based information management system that lets you bookmark pages while browsing. Diigo is more than a bookmarking tool, though, as it allows you to take screenshots and add digital sticky notes along with highlighting points that keep reappearing whenever the page is revisited. It can also be emailed further with all the annotations. Plus highlighting word(s) gives a drop-down menu option that allows searching on search engines, inbound URL links or blogs.

Stay Connected with Edmodo

Edmodo app is perfect to bridge teachers and students by letting them stay connected and send notes, allow assignment checking, tracking grades and getting news of upcoming events when not in the classroom. It doesn’t need any email addresses and works instead on a personalized group code system.

Micro learning with Coursmos

Coursmos is a micro-learning platform consisting of micro-courses for gullible learning. There are many people who depend on online courses due to lack of time and such people can find Coursmos very helpful as it delivers the same type of study. Knowledge is represented with micro-courses ranging up to 9 lessons which are of 3 minutes duration each. People can also request certain topics on this app if they aren’t already available.

Rack Brains using - Math Duel

Math Duel is a great educational game where two players can contest each other over math problems. It has basic math exercises that are great in sharpening mathematical skill level of anyone aging from 5 and above. It comes as a free application to help students and others reflex and concentrate in solving mathematical problems with a competitive touch.

Informative Epocrates

Epocrates is one app that consists of medical reference guide, which is loved and sworn by professionals and students alike. The android app is not very uniquely built but carries information that is good enough for effective learning. This guide is best for any medical student and should be carried along for good referencing.

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