Promising EdTech Startups form Global EdTech Startup Awards

30 Promising EdTech Startups form Global EdTech Startup Awards

21st century educators have various edtech needs, and an eye is always on promising products, apps and tools that might solve their needs. Here is a list of 30 promising edtech startups from Global Edtech Startup Awards, check out which one solves your edtech need!

Tiching – It is a school educational network that enables you discover and share the resources required to teach and learn effectively.

Pear Deck – Use Pear Deck to create beautiful interactive lessons, presentations, and assessments to engage every student. It is a platform that enhances teachers’ lives by making teaching rich, easy and active.

Maker’s Empire – Maker’s Empire brings 3D printing via android, tablet and iPad to K-7 schools.

Spongelab: Spongelab provides great toolsets for organizing, bringing, and sharing lessons with the students as well as fellow educators.

ChallengeU: With ChallengeU, educators can create and share engaging activities for learning. It is accessible on all platforms.

Procwise:  Procwise makes on-demand remote examination possible anywhere in the world and at any time with low cost of the Internet. Learn and create the future of the web at .

Sopreso: With Sopreso, users can make their presentation live and ask with the audience, comment and like the presentation.

Nittio Learn:  With Nittio Learn, users can create their learning app on any subject and in any language within minutes.   Make learning more active and engaging.  Create, share and discover learning resources worldwide.

CodeMonkey: Teach your K8 students real coding with this engaging online game.

School control:  Schoolcontrol is platform which connects parents and teachers easily.

Gibbon: On Gibbon, you can collect videos and articles.

Comunitats: Timebanking: uses time as currency to empower educational community.

Infantium: Infantium brings neuroscience to education to maximize and personalize learning.

Symbolab:  Symbolab expand the searchable space and make scientific content universally available.

Oddizzi: Oddizzi is an e-learning community and resource that submerges kids in the actual world.

Common Curriculum: It is a platform that enables teachers to prepare lesson plan easily.

Biteslide: Biteslide assist educators as well as students to make appealing digital projects.

MangoReader: The platform offers quality kid’s literature.

Zzish:  A toolset for constructing great mobile learning apps.

LearnSprout: This platform assist stakeholders in K-12 education to utilise data to analyse, understand and anticipate past, present and future. This platform offers fun and free means to learn a language. Here you can find flashcards vocabulary, articles, dictionary, leaderboards, practice games, and much more.

BrightBytes: This platform decodes compound analyses as well as leading-edge research into actions to increase student’s learning.

OpenEd:  To offer the complete set of services and resources for flipped learning.

Edpuzzle: It is easy-to-use video tool that allows educators to create online-courses for their classrooms.

Educatablet: It is the digital content distributor for many educational establishments.

Puntaje Nacional: This free platform prepares many students in Chile for the PSU national test.

Cloudents: It’s a social studying platform.

Rabbit Speaks: This assists students, educators, as well as employers to make a language learning experience.


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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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