Simple, Positive Communication with Parents Made Easy with ClassDojo Messenger

Simple, Positive Communication with Parents Made Easy with ClassDojo Messenger

ClassDojo is an amazing behavior management tool. ClassDojo helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents.

ClassDojo Messenger

Recently ClassDojo has launched it ClassDojo messenger, this new app will enable teachers to send private message to the parents.

Using ClassDojo Messenger, you can:

  • Immediately send one-way message to the parents.
  • Easily send documents, homework, report cards from the web.
  • Check who has read your message.
  • Share photos of some of the thrilling moments of classroom.

ClassDojo Messenger is available on iTunes as well as Google play.  A 4th grade teacher from North Carolina, USA says “since using ClassDojo Messenger, I feel like parents are on my team! That support from home makes teaching so much more effective.”

ClassDojo messenger is private for everyone, parents and teachers do not require sharing contact details.

Here is a video that will let you know the steps required to start with ClassDojo Messenger app.


A lot of teachers are using ClassDojo messenger regularly and really very happy with it. Angela Kiser- an educator says that with ClassDojo messenger she can now effectively communicate with parents and use messenger for:

  • Remind parents of end of year procedures.
  • Provide a Field Trip checklist of things the students need.
  • Congratulate a student (via the parent) on his or her test grade. 
  • Thank the parents for a great year and wish them a relaxing and safe summer.
  • Provide a little positive reinforcement for one or two challenges among my students.

ClassDojo app is just awesome which one can easily use, here is one more video that will tell you more about this amazing classroom messenger. 

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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