FastFig Helps Math Students Across the Globe

FastFig Helps Math Students Across the Globe

                                                                      FastFig, “The Word Processor for Math” gains thousands of International users.

Fig Labs Inc., creator of FastFig ­ The Word Processor for Math, is spreading its free math tools across the globe. As students around the world return to school, FastFig continues to make their application available for free. Anyone with web access can use their capable math documentation tools. FastFig users represent more than 120 countries, another demonstration of the universality of mathematics.

As school begins and teachers try out new educational technology solutions, many struggle to find an effective and easy to use math technology. Unlike other math writing tools, which require the user to understand the complicated markup language LaTeX, FastFig interprets user typing and formats math into recognizable symbols for math.

Although methods for performing math differ across the world, all students must write out their calculations in some capacity. That necessity is at the crux of the FastFig technology. FastFig, which is Fig Labs’ core, free­to­use tool, enables students to write, publish, and share math online. FastFig is adaptable and can be integrated into a variety of math learning platforms. The tool solves a host of issues unique to math education.

Fig Labs Inc. CEO, Jay Hotaling, says, “Learning a math concept or doing math homework is about so much more than just getting the right answer.  The work behind that answer is what demonstrates understanding and mastery. FastFig makes capturing that part of math learning doable for online and digital ­classroom students.”

Fig Labs is also preparing to engage the online learning community with the upcoming release of its online math testing software, FigPad. FigPad is initiating its pilot programs for schools and universities across the country, and will be working to spread this technology throughout the world.

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