Create Visual and Dynamic Animated Videos with Explee

Create Visual and Dynamic Animated Videos with Explee

Educators are well-aware about the fact that introducing multimedia in the classroom is a great way to engage kids. Creating and sharing videos is the best way for kids to learn and also demonstrate what they have learnt.

With the current pace of growth in the technology, we have a number of apps and tools that offer an opportunity to create animated videos with ease and Explee is among one of those great tools that help you create dynamic and visual animated videos.

Getting start with Explee

You need to register first in order to get started with Explee, for that you can either use your Facebook or Google or can register on the website itself.  

Dashboard: Right after logging-in you will get your own dashboard where you can see draft video or can create new videos. When you will click on ‘new explee’, you will get an option to choose templates and write a title and short description.

Timeline: Once you have created the template, you will have your own timeline where you can drag and arrange pictures and text.

Animation tab: The animation tab is a tab where you can upload and find all kind of images for your animation video. Simply drag-and-drop pictures on the scene to the time to get animated.

Audio Tab: The audio tab is the tab that has huge stoke of audio clips to find suitable audio clip. Users can upload their files as well as generate their own text to speech. They can simply drag and drop their audios on the timeline to add it in the video.

Text Tab: Another tab is text tab, using it users can write text in their video.

Why Explee in Classroom?

Fade Away Boredom in Class with Animated Videos: Animated videos will help to communicate knowledge in interesting and engaging way. Therefore, by creating funny and animated videos at Explee, you can easily shun boredom and make class interesting.

Make Student Active and Creative: Make your student creative and active by enabling them to create their own video on Explee. The creative challenge they face to create video helps them to acquire various skills.

Share Work with Other Teachers: Explee education program ‘education il’ is all about sharing. You can also share your video as well as able to discover other’s video and discuss various topics with them.

Brainspace: Brainspace at Explee is a place where educators can control what their students are doing as well as set default behaviour for every project. 

When you are done with the animation, click on it to have a simple animation menu that enables users to change the effect on the animation. On Explee timeline, users can synchronise audios and animations all together. Once you done with everything, preview your work and then share. Explee has a free version as well as few paid versions. Monthly Subscription is available at $29 per month, $9 per month, $19 per video for business, personal and pay per video respectively and Yearly Subscription is available at $25 per month, $7 per month and $19 per video for business, personal and pay per video respectively.

Explee is an easy to use tool with drag and drop features which let you create attractive and outstanding animated videos without much efforts. With Explee, you can create animated videos for your students, share them with other teachers and discover other awesome educational videos! Just log in, add images, some text and music, share your video and surprise your students. There is a separate educational plan available for this platform.

I am sure you will find its ease of use amazing for video creation, so kindly use it and share your views in our comment box. 


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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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