Why This New Tool Might Work in Your Classroom

Why This New Tool Might Work in Your Classroom

Tackk is a simple and new way of creating and sharing content in a systematic format. It is almost like designing a page on a website, but no designing skill, no login and no software is required to get started with Tackk.

Just visit the website and start creating and then sharing your content with the friends over social networking websites. It’s a simple and effective way of representation. However, if you wish to have a separate account to save all your work at one place then you can create an account using your Facebook, Google, Instragram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Edmodo account or simple by signing-up with Tackk.

Why Tackk Might Work in Your Classroom?

No Complexity: Tackk offers easiest way to create and share pages over the Internet.

Stimulates Creativity: Students can become more creative when they choose different fonts, patterns, colours, videos, images, audio, etc, while using Tackk.

Edmodo Login: Many of the educators use Edmodo for collaboration with their students and also with other teachers. Tackk gives an option to login with Edmodo to use it.

Free of Cost: This service is free of cost.

Collaboration: You can easily connect using tablet, phone and computer with Tackk Stream.

Private Settings: Tackk also offers privacy option to protect your content.

Tackk can be Useful in the Classroom in Many Ways:

  • Skype classroom collaboration
  • Lesson Planning
  • Tutor Communication
  • Student ePortfolios
  • Research organisation
  • School/class news
  • Parent Communication
  • Event promo
  • Essays and book reports
  • Historical projects
  • STEM problem solutions

With Tackk, teachers can get different types of templates that are suitable for different purpose for making class assessment, presentation, lesson plan, writing & essay, book report & project, edcamp & edtech and much more.

New Features

Recently Tackk has added new features in the platform to extend its uses. These are:

  • Collaboration in the classroom  with Tackk Stemae (as mentioned above)
  • Promote school event with RSVP widget.
  • Embed your favourite edu apps with media widget.

Lot of educators and students are using Tackk to manage their work. Some of the examples available of the Tackk website says, “Students create Tackks for a photo-a-day assignment in a high school art class. Students used tag #chsdigitalcamera to automatically add Tackks to the photo-a-day board.”

Website shares various ways others are using Tackk and mentions practices of educators like an Instructional technologist Amy from Texas Tackks about edtech resources and apps to help educate her school district.

Check out this new tool and share what potential do you see in it?

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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