Illustrate: The Video Dictionary - A Great Resource for both Educators and Learners

Illustrate: The Video Dictionary - A Great Resource for both Educators and Learners

Learning any language is like building a big house. Vocabulary is the bricks of the house called Language; the house will be strong if the bricks are solid. So for any language, be it English, Hindi, French or any other, learning vocabulary is very important. That is what helps you get good command of the language.

Illustrate - The Video Dictionary is an amazing tool for any one looking to enhance their English vocabulary. This app has precisely been made to provide assistance to the educators, students, and candidates who want to crack the SAT/GRE / GMAT exams.

Illustrate is available across many platforms including Google Play, iOS App Store and Windows App Store. The app uses animated videos and conversations to explain the meaning, context and usage of those ever so difficult words. And presently, this app is among top 10 in the reference category in more than 10 countries.

Key Features of Illustrate: The Video Dictionary

  • Animated videos with actual conversations to explain the meaning, context, and usage of English Words
  • 5000+ GRE / GMAT / SAT words covered, including 1000 premium words
  • Content updated daily with Word of the day and Question of the day

You can use this app with or without signing-in. The only difference is you would not be able to use favourite word section to if you are not sign-in. Though, signing-up with Illustrater is very easy, users can use their Google and Facebook account for it.

The wonderful app can be useful in many ways:

Question of the Day

Question of the day section contains new questions every day. The question contains one missing word; user has to find out the correct word from the options available. One of the best features is users can attempt as many times as they can; there is no limit in trial to find out the correct word.

Explore More Words

On explore more words section; you can check more words here. This section display in home screen as well as on ‘word searched by you’.

Word of the Day

Word of the day section showcases new word every day. Users can tap the word to see its meaning with the video.


Users can look out trending words on this app; trending words are those words that are tending in the app.

Fact of the Day

Fact of the Day section reflects interesting facts of the English language every day. Users can find really interesting apps in this section.

Remembering words through visual communication is a fun. Hard words can be easily memorised and understood when described using actual conversation between two people.


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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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