EMC Publishing Launches ‘PASSPORT’ - An Innovative World Language Learning Environment

EMC Publishing Launches ‘PASSPORT’-The Learning Environment for the World Language Classroom of Tomorrow-Today

EMC Publishing, a leading venture in print and digital education program has recently launched PASSPORT- a unique online learning environment for learning and teaching in K-12.  It is designed to enhance student fluency by enabling students to fully experience the language.

Passport impeccably brings EMC’s top world language content in a research-based platform designed by the Institute for Design Innovation at the University of Minnesota.  Using this incredible service, students are engrossed in their target culture and language. Meanwhile, educators got a chance to track progress of their students using performance -based assessments and task.

Passport enables students to discover world language online by:

  • genuine communication
  • cultural involvement
  • performance-based tasks
  • project-based learning

How it Works

For Educators: Passport supports different learning creativities, enabling educators to mold information for a lot of learning levels in on class. It endows teachers to engage and assess their students easily and provide personalized feedback using video-based platform. With Passport, teachers can create performance based task on EMC’s media library using their own resources and then go for one-to-one assessment of students by webcam. This learning environment also facilities video-based discussions that allow students to reply to record replies to the questions asked by their teachers. The environment offers content such as news stories, music, videos, etc to bring life in projects.

For Students: Passport provides a spontaneous multimedia interface that displays projects, due dates, instructor feedback, quick views. It empowers students to:

Discover: Students link to core curriculum using their workbook, textbook, audio and video.

Perform: Students showcase oral proficiency level by video evaluation.

Create: Students obtain a better understanding of culture and language via dynamic projects.

Share: Students engross in video-based debates with their peers.

Expand: Students discover culture via video documentaries, virtual tours, music, news articles, and music.

Passport can be accessed anytime, anywhere on tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. Take a look at how Passport works.

With Passport, EMC publishing has also introduced an immersive Spanish language proficiency program, ¡Qué chévere!.  This newly launched program provides five levels of Spanish education for middle school and high school students. It is accessible in both digital and print form.

About EMC Publishing

EMC Publishing is a well-known venture in world language solutions in classrooms. EMC was established on 1954, it publishes, supplements, assessments and instructional materials for the K-12 students. For more information, please visit EMC Twitter, Web or Facebook.

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