Legend: Great Tool to Create Interactive Visual Stories with Ease

Legend: Great Tool to Create Interactive Visual Stories with Ease

With the growth in technology, we have seen a rapid growth in the market for educational content (digital content) providers but most of them are confined to the academic or curriculum content.

The students of the 21st century need to know and learn much more than what the current curriculum has to offer. In a dynamic world of information access, digitization of existing content is not the solution, hence e-books are not the best format for e-content for most of the teachers and their classrooms. Today’s kids love watching and listening to content over reading textbooks. Interactive visual stories are far more engaging and retentive than textbooks for these kids. Teacher must learn to use video, images, and text in combination to transform the quality of content that reaches the students.

And here lies a need for a platform which can allow teachers to seamlessly integrate all of that dynamic multimedia content easily into the lesson.

Legend, a visual storytelling platform solves this need for educators across the globe. It has an easy to use drag and drop editor to convert boring lessons into interesting stories for kids using real life examples.

Delip Andra, CEO, Legend shares that “A good visual storytelling platform has a huge opportunity to help educators as there is not much content in visual media format available openly for educators to use.”

legend visual storytelling platform

With Legend, teachers can create stories to make content meaningful and engaging for their students using a simple visual editor. The visual editor is a WYSWYG editor similar to a text editor and allows educators to create stories in minutes using the drag and drop options.

Check out this story on Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion created using Legend.

Using visual media teachers can create stories and documentaries to engage students in the topic. The use of multimedia in the classroom has been made easy and structured for teachers and entertaining for students with this Visual Storytelling platform. The stories created using Legend are public which means the resource would be accessible and can be used by other educators on the platform. The platform on login also provides a news feed which shows featured stories at present but the platform plans to personalize the user feed later.

Legend is an easy-to-use visual story editor primarily targeting education space and is a great tool to make stories interesting for kids with real life examples. But at the core of Legend is a growing network of teachers who share their lessons (in form of visual stories) with others through this platform, so that a teacher teaching Geography to 6th graders in US can refer what a teacher teaching 6th graders in India is using and what works best with their students.

Delip shares that “I am highly inspired from Apple’s Verse. Visual storytelling is a powerful way for teachers looking to reach students as they introduce new topics and concepts.”

How Are Stories Created?

Legend enables educators to create enchanting visual stories on topics of educational interest and share them with the world. Teachers can create impactful stories based on the interest of students using the visual editor.

The WYSWYG editor allows educators to add heading, subheading, sections, background, text and media (video and images) easily using drag and drop features of the visual editor.

The best part is that the platform is free for teachers and educators. Through there are some premium features in plan for the future.

Teachers can also use Legend in flipping their classrooms or giving students assignments for creating stories on related topics. Delip shared that Legend’s only aim is to make lessons exciting and make education enchanting because when this will happen and students will have this feeling, effective learning will definitely happen.

Legend is planning to open a limited beta to a select group of educators later this fall, the educators who are interested in participating in this limited beta can submit their email id via Legend's splash page or they can email them directly at beta@legend.me

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