4 Great New Educational Tools for Teachers

4 Great New Educational Tools for Teachers

Technology has changed the world; the way we live, the way we work. Almost every industry has been impacted by the use of technology.

Likewise the new games, apps and websites available have empowered teachers to teach effectively. Among various tools available over the web, here are four great new educational tools for teachers.


Infinit provides smartest way to send your videos, tacks, files, mockups, photos, and creations. The platform is free for Mac and Windows. There are lot of features like:

Unlimited: Share big data with ease, any size, any file and any type.

Peer to Peer: No server required, use this app to have your files end to end encrypted.

Links: Link your files and share it as tweet or email.

Emails: Receivers can download files straight from an email without the app.


MyStoryBook enable users to write, illustrate and publish their storybook online. With MyStoryBook teachers can teach the joys of storytelling. With this educators can:

Encourage Expression: The platform encourages expression in kids by enabling them to read and write with fun.

Bring your project home: Make your child’s achievements memorable with high quality digital downloads and beautiful paperback books. (The feature is coming soon)

Teachers: Teachers can use templates and story prompts for memorable lessons.

NASA Kid’s Club

NASA Kid’s Club offers great information about space science to the kids. It has activities and games from the space agency. The website doesn’t require children to register or email address to post comment. Although, the website contains some links to social media and a section of the website provides tips for using Internet safely.

Children learn about math and science by playing and doing space-related games and activities. Few activities use graphic elements and others enable kids to customize the experience by picking their right age group. Educator sections elaborate the education standards related with every activity and uses can see NASA’s huge network of content.

Newseum Digital Classroom

Newseum Digital Classroom is a resource which is free of cost that features interactive timelines media literacy and civics, downloadable historic front pages, archival videos. Full and flexible lesson plans are available for middle, high school and college students and educators. Here you can find video lessons on various matters; primary sources contain topics like civil wars, marching for human rights etc. At Newseum Digital Classroom, you will have:

  • Ready-to-teach and flexible lesson plans.
  • Integrated interactives that back media literacy, civic engagement, and critical thinking skills.
  • Video lessons with viewing guides
  • Extension activity ideas
  • Opportunities for learners to submit their work
About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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