6 Great Tools for Blended Learning

Blended learning is the amalgamation of various learning techniques. Blended learning in the standard educational model refers to the use of technology to strengthen the teaching process through the application of the concepts learned in classroom.

Blended learning has renovated the ways of teaching. Teachers who have access to the right tools are doing a great job in teaching the 21st century kids. Let’s look at the six great tools for blended learning.


Edmodo is one the popular website for the educators where they can share ideas and resources with their students. It is a free and safe social learning environment where educators can deliver best teaching strategies. There are three different ways you can sign-up with Edmodo; as a teacher, parents and students.

Why Edmodo for Blended Learning?

Edmodo is among very useful tool for blended learning. It can be used to framework assignments and resources for the classroom.

  • Teachers can make post for their student just like on Facebook.
  • Educators can organise students into groups at Edmodo. They can ask students to join the group.
  • Teachers can give feedback and badges to their students.
  • Edmodo account of both teachers and students can be linked using Google drive account.

Been for Education

Been for Education is an educational tool for blended learning that enables educators to surf and curate the web in a safe environment. With Been for Education, educators can collaborate with students and bring subject to life. Users can create and organize Beens and invite members to a Been. Users can surf together by inviting and messaging others.

  • Surf Together to present a live project or lesson.
  • Educators can lead students and other teachers in a session.
  • Students can lead their pals, pause and chat when required.


GoClass is another tool used for blended learning. This tool will assist educators in enhancing student’s engagement and classroom management. GoClass offers features that are divided into four categories Teaching Functionality, Administrative Functionality, Student Functionality, GoClass+ Features. There are lot of sub features available under these main features like:

Broadcast: Using this feature, you can send media and content, assessments, videos and much more directly to the student’s device.

Create Activity Feature: The Create Activity feature enables users to easily create multiple choice and polls or short answer assessment questions.

Bookmark: Students can easily bookmark content for later review.

Likewise this, there are more other features available on this platform.


Formerly known as MentorMob, LessonPaths enables its users to create learning playlists to blend and flip classroom and learn at their own pace. With this platform, you can curate videos, websites, blogs and more into learning playlist. Users can browse as well as create playlist.


Kahoot is an easy to use game based blended learning tool. It enables educators to assess learners in a visual bar graph meanwhile students take control of their own learning. This game-based platform is very entertaining that encourage creativity in the students. Kahoot is a great platform to make learning with fun.


Otus is the latest and advanced free blended learning tool designed for the iPad that lets teachers to blend learning. Teachers can manage as well as track student progress, take attendance and notes and grade students. 

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