“Wiskunde” and “Rekenen” made easy - bettermarks Speaks Dutch

“Wiskunde” and “Rekenen” made easy - bettermarks speaks Dutch

The adaptive math platform from bettermarks enters the Dutch market. From the beginning of this school year, 27 schools in secondary education throughout the Netherlands are working with the award-winning platform.

The Dutch version is developed by a team of 15 Dutch math teachers and is adapted to the Dutch math curriculum and pedagogy. The developers and authors test the application and content rigorously with pilot groups who actively contribute to the development of bettermarks.

Students and teachers are enthusiastic about the digitalization of their math lessons. Daisy Ermens, section head of mathematics at the Nassau Breda school, reports: "The students are very keen to work with bettermarks. I notice they feel that math is more fun this way, and they do more exercises than with their print books.” Also, she benefits from using bettermarks: “The bettermarks application provides a clear overview of where my students are at, and allows me to assign them different exercises accordingly. In the short time we've worked with it, bettermarks has identified a learning point for one of my students that I would not have noticed so quickly myself."

Wiskunde and Rekenen as web version and tablet apps

Bettermarks contains both Dutch math subjects: wiskunde (math for vmbo kgt and HAVO / VWO)and rekenen (day to day math).  With bettermarks for rekenen, students can study day to day math level 2F and next year 3F will be added as well. Both subjects are available as web version and as apps for iPad and Android tablets. 

The adaptive platform supports the individual learning process of each student. It provides intelligent feedback based specifically on what the student entered, identifies personal points of development and provides exercises to support the learning process. In addition, bettermarks contains varied assignments and extensive differentiation at the level of exercises and the use of theory. 

Via an extensive reporting dashboard, teachers can see at a glance the progress of each of their students. Based on the information shown in the dashboard, they can also choose to assign extra exercises if the student needs additional review or more challenging exercises. Thanks to the reports, teachers are aware of the individual progress and can help their students exactly where they need it most.

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