Why Osmo Brings Kids Together Around the iPad

Why Osmo Brings Kids Together Around the iPad

Education with technology is a great combination for 21st century. Technology has changed the way how teachers approach and deliver education. With the introduction of technology in education, kids spend more of their time in front of their tablets and computers.

Parents often feel that their kids have become social inactive and this is the reason why parents keep looking for platforms or device that do not detached their kids from the world meanwhile they study using technology. Osmo is one such device that aims to bring kids together around the iPad and develop their creative thinking and social intelligence.

How Osmo Looks Like?

Osmo is a gaming accessory that comes with different type of games. It contains:

  • Reflector: Simply snaps over your iPad's camera
  • iPad: Works with the latest iPads, including the iPad Mini and iPad 2
  • Base: Crafted for kid durability
  • Playing: Turn any surface into an imaginative playing field

Osmo is crafted with reflective artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking technology that bridges the real and digital realms for unlimited possibilities of play.

How Osmo Brings Kids Together Around the iPad?

Osmo is an iPad gaming device that contains various types of games, and playing these games bring kids together. There are three games to start with.


Tangram is a game in which kids arrange tangible puzzle pieces while matching it with online. Kids can play this game with their friends, challenge themselves to advanced level. They can also play this game with their friends. Tangram has four levels easy, medium, hard, and challenge. Each level is links with a colour.

  • Easy = yellow
  • Medium = orange
  • Hard = red
  • Challenge = blue

 Intro Tangram is suitable for children age 4+ and Tangram is for kids 6+. Here is demo video of the game; you can download it from app store.


Identify the image and guess and spell out word. More correctly and speedily you identify the word more points you get. Kids can play this game with their pals and learn words. Kids can download and create their own words album at myOsmo. Words junior is suitable for kids’ age 3+ and classic is good for age 6+. Download Words from play store, before that take a look on its demo video. 



Play with on screen falling balls and guide it into targeted zones, use creative and inventive objects to do this. Newton is suitable for children age 6+. This game works best on solid untextured and colored. Kids can use anything to play this game like Tangram pieces, pen and paper, words tiles, and even household item can be used to play this game. Watch the demo video and download Newton from app store

Many educators just love Osmo, they say, “This is the first product I've seen that actually brings kids together around the iPad!

You can get Osmo in $79.99 with free shipping. 

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