3 Ways International Students Can Ace Academic Writing

3 Ways International Students Can Ace Academic Writing

There is no denying the fact that academic writing is challenging. There is a whole set of prerequisites for writing an ace academic paper.

Many fear the use of correct spellings, adopting the right tone, giving accurate information and above all, following the required referencing format. Just imagine all those to be followed by an international student! If you are amongst many of those international students whose worst nightmare is to write an academic paper, we have something to help you out. Make sure you benefit from the following 3 ways to polish your academic writing skills:

1. Research Well

For developing the necessary academic and technical expertise, you must familiarize yourself with the writing style as adopted in research papers and journal articles. What values here is you must not just skim through the articles but the trick is to essentially review the writing and the style of these papers. Focus on the use of terminologies and comparison methods authors employ in the writings. This is one of the most effect ways to get a hang of how academic writing is done professionally. Thorough research will help you to create your own style which is similar to professional writers. It will also enhance your vocabulary as you look up unheard words and terms.

It’s also suggested to analyze how the author has structured the piece and the impact it has on the reader. How is the introduction and how the paper draws its conclusion from the information and arguments presented in the paper. When you are aware of the writing patterns and vocabulary, compare and contrast methods of professionals and the ability to derive conclusions, you can structure an academic paper that is professional looking and gets you fruitful results.

2. Develop Yourself into a Translator

Translating pieces of writing or papers into your language can be an interesting and effective method of enhancing your vocabulary. Many international students discover a new-found confidence in their academic writing skills when they translate other academic papers into their own language. That doesn’t of course require you to become a professional translator.

This only means it is a successful method adopted by many to improve their academic writing. When you translate anything, be it your favorite short story to anything profound, you have the chance to pay detailed attention to the arrangement of the writing, the choices others make for selecting words and the method style of the language to narrate the objective.

3. Don’t Do It Alone

Like anything new which is beneficial when done with someone who is a veteran, doing academic writing with a classmate or someone who is willing to help is a good idea. Make all attempts to catch up regularly with people who are like you or have mastered the art of academic writing. This will provide you opportunities to mingle with like-minded people who are encountering similar issues regarding writing. Taking help from a tutor also helps you improve your academic writing experience.

Tutors are helpful as even if they won’t proofread your papers, they can draw attention to the errors you repeatedly make, which can be wrong choices of words, idioms or phrases made by you or any structural errors. Moreover, they also act as a catalyst to escalate your thought process and help you out in formulating your authentic thoughts on paper.

Although academic writing is difficult but certainly not impossible, for any international student, there are many resources to improve their ace academic writing skills along with a lot of research and by putting the discovered findings into practice.

About the Author
Author: Lily WilsonWebsite: http://anawfullotofwriting.blogspot.com/
Lily Wilson is a 34 year-old homestay freelance academic writer. Lily runs her personal blog AnAwfulLotofWriting and works as a contributing academic writer at ThePensters.com.

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