Classroom Resources, Management, and Collaboration in a Single Platform

Classroom Resources, Management, and Collaboration in a Single Platform

Every student deserves comprehensive and well-rounded education, and in order to provide them classroom collaboration is very important. Collaboration between students, between teachers and students is necessary. More collaboration creates more opportunity for students to learn and develop vital skills.

Classroom collaboration can be enhanced with a lot of apps and platforms available online. Several features available in these applications make task easy for teachers and they can perfectly enforce collaboration in the classroom. Chalkup is one such platform; let’s explore about it.

Chalkup: The Class Collaboration Platform

Chalkup is a new communication and learning platform. Teachers can use this platform for classroom discussions, messages, course, materials, flashcards and assignments. Chalkup includes tools that teachers need for management, classroom resources and collaboration as well as to engage every student. Chalkup is free for educators and students, although, they need to sign-up to use the platform. So, what else stored in Chalkup for educators.


Sharing classroom assignments have become easy and perfect with Chalkup. Students using Chalkup are the most organized they’ve ever been. Every assignment is automatically aggregated and reminded and notify on all their devices. Students will receive push notifications, text messages and emails.


Chalkup makes your classroom more open and connected; it brings each and every student into discussion and conversation. Educators can active class-wide conversation with Chalkup. The platform enables to put important questions in front of the classroom. With Chalkup, educators can ask questions, quick class poll, and videos to make classroom more active. Educators can share best and engaging content with links embedded on it using Chalkup.


Get all your assignments, rubrics, and student submissions at one place.  Chalkup document contains annotation and educators do not have to go anywhere for grading as well as students can submit in one place. Teachers can leave their feedback for their students after one-to-one conversation. Students can upload documents to showcase their development.


With Chalkup educators can share their material easily with their students, as well as can organise class files.  Teachers can make easy folders and can organise their classroom, also can share the folder with your classroom. Educators can also add and share folders using Google drive.


Chalkup Flashcards enables students to study together. They can create a new deck, and start learning.

Messaging & Reminders

Using messaging and reminders, teachers can send reminders and messages to their students and keep them engaging. Also create a messaging group with some students and work and chat with each other. Messaging is safe with Chalkup; it never shares messaging phone number with teachers and students.

Google Apps for Education with Chalkup

Chalkup offers simple and easy and powerful way to use Google Apps for education in the classroom. 

About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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