How OysterConnect (An Industry-Student Platform) is Bringing Industry Experts to Classrooms

How OysterConnect (An Industry-Student Platform) is Bringing Industry Experts to Classrooms

Project based learning is the new buzz in education industry. It is usually referred as a practice for active learning. In a project based learning classroom, teacher presents project that are related to the real world problems.

They give students such problems so that they can solve it and develop those skills that are required in the real professional world.

In a project-based learning classroom, mistakes are expected as students learn during the process. Teachers also assist students to accomplish their projects and learn from their mistakes.  Hence, students develop certain skills which we termed as 21st century skills, like team work, critical thinking, communication, etc, etc.  Students become active learner and develop workplace skills that are required in their professional life.

No doubt, implementing project-based learning requires deep planning to develop projects that make aware students about real-world problem. Developing such projects is really a tough task for the teachers; it requires time, effort and experience. However, there are a lot of online platforms that offer projects directly from the industry. You can directly bring industry expertise into your classroom and help student to learn and develop skills while studying using platforms such as Oyster Connect.

Oyster Connect is student platform that focused on developing work skills within students with their studies. The platform has a network of more than 4000 active industry professionals who offer live project as well as answer questions related to career to around 10,000+ active users.

OysterConnect publish posts Industry led Live Projects. These live projects are given by industry. These live projects give "real work" that the Industry wishes to accomplish - instantly. Students post their application for live projects over the platform.

Members at OysterConnect manage and handle the application then testing, shortlisting and selection takes place. Within four working days industry gets selected students and starts their project work right away. Students work on projects meanwhile do studies. The duration of the project is 1 - 4 weeks.

Projects can be easily searched on OysterConnect. Projects are divided into domain, project area, industry, project category and location wise. Students can pick projects that concern their study. Students can find out projects based on sales, finance, operations, marketing, data analytics, IT, retail, e-commerce and much more. Students can choose their preferred location; they can even do projects virtually.

Students can sign-up with the website and can find a mentor in their projects. Users can sign-up for 30 days trial package and apply for projects for free. You can become paid member and avail various other features. Packages are divided into basic, value and premium for Rs. 1000, 2000 and 3000 respectively.

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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