Scoop it!  - A Curation Tool & 5 Great Education Technology Scoops

We are happy to see the way so many people curate information spread across the web in their own ways according to their own needs. Through few tools people with similar interests or needs can follow a number of sites where people have collected meaningful 

and relevant information into one place.

We introduce to you, how a tool can be helpful in curation of information. 

The tool that is gaining in popularity is . The tool says it all with this tagline “Easily curate engaging magazines. Effectively feed your web presence.” They name each feed as a “Scoop". allows to quickly browse through a vast number of articles. And if you find one that seems to be relevant to you, you simply click on it and it takes you directly to the full article. If you love the scoop even more and want it to be included in your personal scoops, you can click the “Rescoop” button.

It is an easy to use and free tool empowering the researchers and curators.



Tips for Educators: Create your own or get your students to curate one for a topic they are studying. It will help you.

Here are some good example of available scoops on are a fantastic resource for information, tips, articles, tools, reviews, twitter posts and more, all related to “Education Technology”.

Try them and drop us the feedback with other such great resources.


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