Navigate the Road to Higher Education with Campus Steps

Navigate the Road Higher Education with Campus Steps

Counselor guidance at high school is very crucial for students. It assists them to solve their academic and personal issues. Counselors help students in picking right college and courses for them.

So, if you are a student and looking for counselors at one place for guidance then here is an amazing platform for you.

Campus Steps is an amazing platform that provides students and counselors tools they require to be successful in post-secondary education. It is a platform that enables parents, students and counselors and enables them connect, communicate, and navigate.

Apps for Students

With this platform, users can find a lot of apps that can be used to satisfy many purposes.

High School Resume: Track academic information as well as accomplishments using with a mobile friendly interface.

College Matching: With its personalized matching technology, students can discover new colleges.

My College Goals Manager: With college goal manager, students can create a college goal list and manage their application process.

Student Resources: Students can utilize resources, articles, and guides to find out answer all their college related questions.

STEPS Admissions Guide: Find out everything, you need to know what schools expect from applicants.

Chance of Admission Calculator: See a complete evaluation of your admission chances at all 4-year universities.

Scholarship Matcher: Match scholarships on the basis of needs, individual situation, and activities.

California College Video Guides: Explore well-known California colleges with educational video guides.

Apps for Counselors

Well! Not just for students, Campus Step also offers app for Counselors.

Student Manager: Counselors can manage and communicate with their students using a dashboard

Counseling Scheduler: Counselors can set appointments and students will be automatically reminded.

STEPS Messenger: Counselors can communicate with students using web, text, and email including auto-reminders.

You need to create an account over the platform to avail its services. Filling school name and year of graduation year is important. However, the platform has list of schools in which users have to choose, if you are singing as student.

Right guidance is necessary for every student especially for post-secondary education. Campus Steps is a platform that connects students with counselors and help them to find out the right path, so that they can shape their career in right direction. 

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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