Hour of Code: A Worldwide Movement to Get Kids to Learn More About How Their Technological World Works

Hour of Code: A Worldwide Movement to Get Kids to Learn More About How Their Technological World Works

Hour of code is a worldwide movement to get kids to learn more about coding technology. Students all over the world will participate in this one hour of programme. An Hour of Code designed to explain computer science and demonstrate that anyone can learn the basics.

No previous experience is required and the activities are designed to be self-guide, empowering students to learn at their own pace. It is an international campaign to reach 100 million students worldwide. The Hour of Code is coming this December from 8-14. Register soon to participate in the programme.

Plan Your Hardware Needs

You can get best experience of Hour of Code on Internet-based computers, but not a computer per child. In fact, computers are optional under this campaign.

  • Test tutorials and ensure everything is working properly including sound and video on student’s devices.
  • Preview congrats page to check what students will see when they done.
  • Arrange headphones for the classroom, or ask students to arrange on their own, if the tutorial you pick requires headphone.


Under this programme, you can choose various there are a number of tutorials available. Tutorials are divided into various categories.

Tutorials for Beginners

  • Write your First Programme
  • Build Your Own Game   
  • Get Creative with Coding
  • Lightbot

Tutorials that teach Javascript

  • An introduction to JavaScript
  • Learn to Code with Karel the Dog
  • Codecademy
  • CodeCombat
  • Build a Game with Java

No device or internet? Try 'unplugged' computer science

  • My Robotic Friends
  • Conditional with Cards
  • Blockly
  • Binary Baubles
  • fuzzFamily Frenzy
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors

Tutorial apps for phones and tablets

  • Lightbot
  • The Foos (Pre-readers welcome)
  • Kodable (pre-readers welcome)
  • Tynker- on tablets

Tutorials in other programming languages

  • Code combat
  • Code Monkey
  • Drawing with code
  • Program a virtual robot
  • Eliza the Chatterbot Doctor
  • Accessible programming (with screenreader support)
  • Build an iPhone game in your browser
  • TouchDeveloper

Make your own apps or games

  • Make a Flappy game
  • Bitsbox- make a game
  • Build an iPhone game in your browser
  • TouchDeveloper
  • AppInventor Hour of Code

Inspire Student- Show them Video

Showcase student inspirational video to inspire them to get start Hour of Code. The original video features Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, NBA star Chris Bosh. Video includes one, five and nine minute videos. You can also show them President Obama video where he calls to learn computer science to every student.  

Learning codes is necessary, as it develops critical thinking in kids which is a prerequisite of 21st century. 

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