Divi's ClassControl: Classroom Management App for Teachers

Divi's ClassControl: Classroom Management App for Teachers

Many of us grew up in a time where notepads, pencils and textbooks were the necessities of the classroom. Technology is changing the environment of schools worldwide. What students used to search in dozens of textbooks can now get in their palm through tablets.

The use of tablets in the classroom can benefit students in many ways.

Boon for Disable Students

Tablet has armed teachers with a collection of teaching tools that includes videos, presentations, interactive games and much more. Using all these tools teachers have found new ways to engage and teach every student, especially those with learning disabilities. A number of apps available to teach disabled students can be accessed through tablets.


Tablets have the accessibility to hold around 1,000 books, also depends on individual capacity. Teachers can house huge information in one piece of technology for their students. They can easily find out learning games, tutorials, notes, handouts and much more at one place.

Presenting New Tools

Tablets are multipurpose and enable teachers and students to explore various tools and platforms. There are number of apps that can be accessed using tablets Hence, tablets with latest tools can bring new ideas, collaboration, and encourage students to actively take participate in the classroom. Tablets filled with latest tools are great assets for teachers; they can use it for screencast lessons, giving information directly and quickly to the students rather than using books.

Tablets can Replaces Books

Tablets can replace books. Many schools across the globe have been encouraging use of tablets in place of notebooks. Adopting digital route for educating and replacing books with tablets has several can save a lot of trees from cutting down every year.

No Need for Reprint

Tablets do not just save papers but it also has resounding effects on textbooks every year. The issue with textbooks is that the information easily gets outdated, and publishing houses have to push many new versions.  With tablets, these updates can be easily available.

These are just few benefits available; Tablets have much more to offer. Despite of several benefits from tablets, a key concern of many educational establishments of using tablets is this latest technology may create distraction in the classroom, as students visit social media websites or playing games during lectures. Therefore, monitoring classroom is necessary. With lots of app available educators can easily supervise classroom; Divi ClassControl – Teacher is among one.

Divi ClassControl – Teacher

Divi ClassControl – Teacher is a new app introduced recently. It is a wonderful app that can be used to monitor and supervised classroom using tablets. 

Interactive Teaching: Divi's ClassControl enables teachers enrich the learning experience using interactive course. It allows teachers to manager tablets in a classroom and help students to stay focused.

Broadcast and Share Content: Educators can transmission their content/screen to every student in actual-time. Teachers can share many things like videos, web pages, images with students as well as can open apps easily.

Stay Informed: The app gives updates about student's location. Hence, educators know if a student is using right app or getting distractions.

Live Lectures: Educators can start live lectures and get connected with every student and organize with them with tablets.

The "Divi ClassControl" app for teachers & students offers a simple solution for teachers to manage tablets in their classrooms. It brings an interactive learning process to the fingertips of educators and students, helping them organize their devices around their classes. It is built for equal effectiveness in many different environments - be it Schools, Coaching Centres, Colleges or even Corporate training sessions.

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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