Kids Millionaire Parents Billionaire - Program to Enhance Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Communication and Creative Skills in Kids

Kids Millionaire Parents Billionaire - Program to Enhance Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Communication and Creative Skills in Kids

Today's kids are different, so are their learning requirements. USA, Canada & UK among other developed countries have witnessed ever increasing programs on Kid-preneurship, Kid Investors & Kid confidence building.

This concept helps kids sharpen their age appropriate creativity, leadership abilities, public speaking, presentation skills & Money Wisdom. Looking at the need of the hour & raising demands from parents fraternity, 1st time in India we are launching "Kids Millionaire Parents Billionaire" Program in New Delhi.

This will cover -- Leadership skills for kids, Learning to do small business in their spare time, Family Budgeting skills involving kids, Investment Options for Kids and parents alike, Kid Investor, Moral & Spiritual values in the growing up years of life, Creativity abilities & encashing them. Program will include lots of games, fun and activities for kids and parents alike.

Kids from 5 years to 16 years must accompany their parent / parents. Teenagers from 17 to 19 can come / join alone to learn the concepts if for some reasons parents are not able to come with them.

This program is for families who think differently and value their kids. Who want their children not only to be wealthy but also Emotionally, Spiritually and Financially growing in the coming years.  This is India’s only programme on preparing kids to be leaders in today’s dynamic world by incorporating creative thinking, new business ideas at young age, social contribution, personality development through networking & presentations & budgeting skills for their own pocket money & learning to invest money wisely along with spiritual inputs. 

In USA, UK, CANADA & other Developed Nations Kidpreneurship programmes are prevalent. There many children are found to be highly confident, presentable and  quite aware of their Financial goals, Career options and Public speaking.  In India these kinds of programmes are catching up. For eg : In USA many students at the age of 7 are now starting to have part time business in their spare time. They are also learning to invest their pocket money on their own and by the time they become 60 years old they will be Billionaires and many of them will be Trillionaires. Here in India also,  parents have now started giving focus on providing their kids this kind of exposure. 

“Billionaires in the Making” is learning program where in you, your spouse and your kids will have lots of Fun, Games and at the same time Learning, so that your kids and you as a family can try your hands in being more confident and start exploring new possibilities such as how to start their business, how to become Socially Responsible Citizen, how to be more creative, how to be a good public speaker and how to be a good leader, Your family will also learn new tactics of investing wisely and become a Billionaire.

Dates: - 25th Dec (9:30am to 3pm), 27-28 Dec (9:30am to 4:30pm).

Venue: - Vasant Kunj, Delhi Contact for further details on 9810569688 / 9717776709.

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