Top E-Learning Tools for Budding Writers, Students and Educators

As a prospective writer who plans to publish a successful novel that might end up being reviewed by the NY Times or even Oprah Winfrey, there are a few things you must understand and they are: nothing good comes easy, creative writing is a step by step process, publishing your novel is not as difficult as you may think, welcome all the help you come across and finally this article should serve as a guide for selecting free e-learning tools to bolster your budding career.

Therefore in order to help you help yourself, we outlined a list of the top free e-learning tools, educational apps and management platforms that are geared towards the sensibilities of authors.

Writinghouse: I generally term platforms like Writinghouse as an online hotspot for both students and teachers to receive educational tips such as; the use of citations, arranging references, bibliographies and indexing when formatting educational works—thesis, projects, whitepapers etc.—following a given format. Writinghouse offers its services for free and all one needs to do is submit his or her paper or project for professional citation.

Book Builder: Are you tired of searching for a white collar publishing house to publish your first novel? If yes, then why not publish it yourself? Book builder is an educational management system that allows authors—novelists, teachers, anyone etc.—publish his or her material online. And of course, it comes with a sharing feature that allows you share published materials on most social media platforms. So why not publish your own book/educational material for free and invite your students and target audience to share?

authorPoint: A lot of us would probably have scored higher marks in our final thesis if we had known about the features this educational management tool offers. authorPoint is an online tool that allows you to integrate both audio and video files into your presentations. It is billed as the easiest way to create multimedia content that can be used across various platforms.

ProProfs eLearning Authoring Tool: A powerfully simple eLearning authoring tool, ProProfs eLearning Software is ideal for the creation of online trainings or educational programs. Easy to use and extremely effective, ProProfs authoring tool can be used by educators and trainers alike to create high-quality courses and assessments that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere in the world. The eLearning software makes it easy for companies to save time and money by scheduling online training sessions for a team that may be spread across the world. Similarly, educational institutions can also benefit with by making and delivering online courses to students from across the globe.

CourseLab: This web based software is billed as an e-learning platform for the publishing and sharing of educational work. It is an educational tool that allows educators publish unique works under their authorship for the reading pleasure of their students. With this software, you can customize your educational materials in whatever way you see fit.

Edmodo: Facebook serves as a social media platform for socializing, LinkedIn for working professionals, while Edmodo is the social media platform for educators to meet students. This educational platform enables the storing of lecture notes, creation of classes, sharing of assignments and assessing or grading them. Educators can literarily handle every aspect of the teaching process using Edmodo.

Edublogs: Edublogs is the Wordpress for educators. The online educational platform boasts of over 2 million educators sharing their unique insights and teaching techniques for the world to see. Corporate facilitators and trainers can also use this platform to educate workers in their professional niche.

Scratch: Scratch is a multi-purpose platform that enables authors and educators create short stories that come complete with perfect illustrations and animations. It also incorporates a sharing procedure which can be used to share your art to the world through social media platforms.

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