3 Amazing Cloud Storage Services Every Educator Must Know About

3 Amazing Cloud Storage Services You Must Know About

Cloud Storage lets you store, access and manage data easily on remote infrastructure. This service enables users to store resources like documents, images and other files on remote computers termed as servers.

This remote computer is connected and managed by extremely specialized organisations, specialists in what they do. Cloud storage services offer tremendous benefits by increasing access to quality resources. Both educators and students can avail a lot of benefits from cloud storage services.

Cloud for Students

Lighten the Backpack: Students so not need to carry laptop everywhere. They can access, sync and access data from phone, tablets or smartphone. There is no need to pack up laptop or other gadget everywhere. Just take your device and access anything like music, photo, files, etc anywhere using cloud storage service.

Instant Access: Students can easily access presentations, papers, photo projects, and much more from any mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Share Your Data: Immediately share project file with classmates or final presentation with teachers, or thesis or anything efficiently and easily. They can also edit as well as send it back while having drafts kept in the shared folder.

Collaboration Made Easy: Collaboration made easy with the help of cloud storage services. Students can use multi-user sync and can sync folders and share it with classmate and can make edits or adds on the same. Students do not have to email projects or other papers and everyone will be updated with the changes.

Backup: With cloud storage services, students do not have to worry about computer crashes, or anything else where chances of losing data is more.

Cloud for Teachers

Use for Personal and Professional Purpose: Teachers can make folders for both personal and professional use and can access their data from any location. No matter if you are on vacation or anywhere, you can always stay in touch with your students and can check and assign them work.

Make Most use of Mobile Technology in the Class: Teachers can easily pull data and information easily and use it in their classroom from any device for immediate streaming.

Teamwork: Cloud storage services make class collaboration easy and comfortable. Educators can easily share folders, data or information with every student, entire classroom or specific group of student individually. They can give assignments to students digitally and can work as a team without exchanging papers.

Cloud storage services such as DROPBOX, GOOGLE Drive and One Drive offer amazing features to store data.


  • Connect with students and share files.
  • Dropbox is an amazing way to share videos.
  • Users can create folder and other can use it to upload dropitto.me.
  • Sortmybox enables users to organise and move material in dropbox.
  • Automate dropbox with IFTTT
  • Users can create website from dropbox folders using site44.

Google Drive

  • Google Drive can be installed just like Dropbox folder.
  • Educators can set up shared class folders.
  • Google Drive can be connected with other service.

One Drive

  • Users do not need to install One Drive; it can be integrated with Window 8 and Office.
  • If users do not buy service then only three students can sign-up per day.
  • Free version of Excel/Word/Powerpoint is available.
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