Popular Video Lessons and Tutorials Websites Which Can Add Value to Your Classroom Resources Pool

Few Video Lessons and Tutorials Websites Which Can Add Value to Your Classroom Resources Pool

Using multimedia in the class is a great way to grab student’s attention and offer them with best learning materials. For students, it is in many cases easy to learn with a picture, a video of a subject rather than a one sided lecture.

There is no question that multimedia is considered as an amazing tool that enhances student learning. Multimedia like video lessons and tutorials websites empowers students to think creatively as well as improves reflective thinking.

Video lessons, be it recorded or live, are vital for students as they add another dimension of learning that make education experience more effective for students. Video lessons bring life to student learning by offering various perspectives and tools that students are usually not able to in the classroom. Good tutorial websites add great value to your classroom resource pool. Here is a collection of some of the most popular resources.

iTunesU: Apple offers many free courses, academic talks and lectures that are appropriate for old students. Users can easily access 550 free online courses from well-known Universities course by visiting the iTunesU website.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a famous platform. It features K-12 video tutorials made by Salman Khan. It presently offer access to thousands of videos that describe topics like statistics, geometry, finance, algebra, trigonometry, physics, calculus, economics and much more. Users can access videos on You Tube videos or over the Khan Academy’s website.

Learner.org: The platform offers multimedia resources for educators, learners and students. Users can browse their great collection of educational videos on this platform.

MIT-K12: MIT-K12 is producing short videos for teaching basic concepts of engineering and science for K-12 learners. Users can choose the videos for grade and topic level. Users can also find forms of these videos on iTune.

NeoK12: This platform has been chosen a “Great Site for Kids” by the American Library Association. The platform offers quizzes, educational videos and games, lessons for K-12 students in different subject like English, science, health, math, and social studies.

The Kid Should See This: The platform display collection of kid-friendly videos aiming on science, technology, art and many more. Well! The video is not essentially created for kids, but kids can find it interesting.

TED-Ed:  The creator of TED Talks is now offering wisely collected educational videos or lessons. Topics range from Mathematics to Science and Technology, Literature to Language.

WatchKnowLearn: The platform indexed approx. 33,000 educational videos from You Tube and located them into around 3,000 categories. Users can see videos without registration and watch it 24/7 in classroom or home.

YouTube for Schools:  The platform contains large collection of educational materials. The platform also enables admins and teachers to filter out everything, click here to know more about it. 

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