Free English Learning App for India Built By NRI Stanford Grad, Infosys Sr. Engineer, and Aljamea Prof

Free English Learning App for India Built By NRI Stanford Grad, Infosys Sr. Engineer, and Aljamea Prof

English is the dominant language over the web and web in turn has become the place to learn English. Today, with the web technology available, the way languages have been changed.

With the help of web technologies, it is easy for everyone to connect with English speakers who share common interest, you can even get connected to English language tutors online or can use free apps available online. Over the Internet, there is a huge market for apps and tools that assist people in learning English rapidly; Learning Dollars is among one.

Learning Dollars is developed by professionals of Stanford University. The app is a free India-focused English learning app. The app is built after testing various English learning products like Rosetta Stone on Indian learners. The curated content over the platform is in standard international English, putting phrases based upon around 4000 most common words used in English. The platform is available in English and Hindi language both. Users can find it on Android and iOS.

Learning Dollars is a wonderful app that bridges English language learning, OpenCourseWare, and jobs. The app is available in four versions:

  • V1 Basic English: Learn English with worldwide celebrities, springboard off your intuitive language.
  • V2 Primary School: Khan Academy and Public Domain literature packed into mobile social learning elements.
  • V3 Secondary School:  more Khan Academy and Public Domain literature packaged into mobile social learning modules.
  • V4 Higher Education:  Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, IIT, etc OCW packaged into mobile social learning modules.

Learning English is vital as it is lingua franca. Many educational establishments in various countries have introduced English as a second language in their curriculum. Here are some more good reasons to learn English.

  • English is official language of 53 nations. Therefore, a lot of people learn and speak English across the globe.
  • English is a language of computers, diplomacy, tourism, aviation and science. Hence, knowing this language will increase your chance to get good job in good profile in multinational company or even abroad.
  • English is very useful language and gives a lot of satisfaction.
  • English is everywhere, if you know English, you will not need anyone to translate anything like your favourite songs, books, films and TV shows.
  • English is the language of web. Almost all websites are written in English, so when you know English then only you will be able to participate in the web world.
  • Learning English is fun, while learning this language, you will also able to explore cultures.  Exploring other culture and will make you grow as a person rather than learning the values.
  • English is easy to learn as compared to other languages.

Learning English with platforms like Learning Dollars is effective and full, as it is developed by built By NRI Stanford Grad, Infosys Sr. Engineer, and Aljamea Prof. Such apps with fun ease the tension of learning language and increases motivation. You can yourself pick the content and vocabulary and can learn at your own pace. Learns can constantly measure their success in learning English.

English learning apps are indeed very helpful, apart from this; there are various blogging groups with tutors and learners and both share their experience as well as help each other to learn English.

Personal blogging is yet another example where one can practice English in enjoyable, genuine, and meaningful ways. Writing blog post is not like studying, it’s like learning with fun and making and discovering new friends and knowing different culture. 

About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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