Why Tens of Thousands of Teachers Are Embracing Digital Storytelling with StoryBoard That

Why Tens of Thousands of Teachers Have Embraced Digital Storytelling with StoryBoard That

Since launching in September of 2012 Storyboard That has become the world’s leader in digital storytelling with over 600,000 storyboards created and tens of thousands of teachers incorporating it into their curriculum.

Teachers love the powerful reinforcement of their lessons and students enjoy how much fun it is to create and present a storyboard.

Teachers Teach, Students Create & Everyone Learns

Creating storyboards is a powerful way to re-enforce what teachers are teaching.  After a lesson students can create a storyboard as a graphical organizer with each cell representing one key point.  A common example is converting a traditional plot diagram to a 6 cell storyboard that corresponds to the 6 stages of a story.  

story on storyboard that world leader in digital storytelling

Using Storyboard That in your Classroom

The use for storyboards in the classroom are is practically infinite.  With over 600,000 storyboards created, the Storyboard That team is constantly observing and brainstorming new and innovative ideas to use storyboards.  Below are some of the most popular use cases:

  •         English (ELA) Class – Creating plot diagrams and character maps
  •         History Class – Explaining cause and  effect and creating timelines
  •         Foreign Language – Conjugating verbs and practicing dialog
  •         Elementary School – Teaching cyber safety and reinforcing vocabulary
  •         Special Education – Creating visual graphical organizers

Presenting Storyboards

In today’s world, more than ever before, students need to become masterful presenters.  The entire process and toolset of Storyboard That allows for a natural and powerful presentations.

  •         Presenting with Confidence – Students are incredibly proud of what they create with Storyboard That and can’t wait to get up and present. 
  •         Telling a Good Story – Storyboards are already structured in a narrative format making the transition to master storyteller seamless.
  •         Automatic Slideshows – Storyboard That offers one click live slide shows, image packs, and auto created PowerPoints.

Creating a Storyboard is as Easy as Drag and Drop

Storyboard That has streamlined the storyboard creation process to be as easy as possible for users of all ages.  This gives more time to focus on what the author wants to say instead ofhow to say it.

Top Features:

  • Gorgeous image library optimized for classroom Use
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface makes the creation process fun and easy
  • Posable characters allow emotion and action to be expertly shown

Designed for Teachers

The entire experience of using Storyboard That in the classroom has been carefully tuned to make teachers lives as easy as possible. 

  •         Teacher Guides and Lesson Plans – There are hundreds of detailed examples of how to incorporate Storyboard That into any class lesson.
  •         Teacher Dashboard – After signing up for a teacher account teachers have a private and easy to use dashboard just for their class.
  •         Affordable Price – With prices starting at just $9.95 a month Storyboard That is budget friendly.

Get Started Now

To get started just go to http://www.storyboardthat.com/education/learn-more-about-classroom-portals and sign up for a 2 week free trial.  Experience the fun teachers are talking about!

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