Present on any Device in Real-Time

Present on any Device in Real-Time

Presentation are popular in both corporate and educational settings. It is a great way to deliver detailed information about a particular subject in an engaging way.

With the advancement in technology, the way we deliver and consume presentation has changed. With less effort and in less time, presentation can be broadcasted hassle-free with tools like is a platform that facilities hassle-free view, broadcast and share of presentation on tablets, computer and smartphones in real-time at any place and anywhere. All you require is Internet connection and smart device. However, you must note that this unique feature can only be availed when audience is within close proximity. app is available on both iPhone and iPad and you can download its app from iTunes. The app is compatible for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and optimised for iPhone 5.

In order to broadcast your presentation or slide, you first need to upload it on, when you are done with uploading, the platform will give you a link to share with the public. When audience can click link, they will be able to see presentation slides on their iPad and laptops. One does not require any account or any payment to use this service. Some of its other features are:

  • Smooth real-time broadcast of presentations through any screen, on the internet or AirPlay
  • Offer quality graphics on the spectator’s devices
  • Long tap to focus a exact part of the presentation slide
  • Upload your presentation and share using a PresoCode or link
  • Broadcast your presentation instantly or schedule it
  • Users documents are safe and stored safely using cloud storage, but it is permanently deleted after 30 days of upload
  • The platform supports PDF, powerpoint and word files is a good platform for educators to project a presentation as well as keep their students on the same slide of the presentation. The platform is the best way for student’s share and view presentation with their classmates. Students can use inbuilt chat feature that help them to ask questions or clarify any doubt.

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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