Authentic Developers Enrollment Drive (ADED) – A Software Developer Certification Program by MeritTrac

Candidates to be certified by Proxor, a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff in partnership with MeritTrac

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

MeritTrac, India’s largest skill assessments company is organizing the Authentic Developers Enrollment Drive (ADED) – a software developer certification program across the country. The qualifying candidates will be certified by Proxor, a Carnegie Mellon University Spinoff and MeritTrac. ADED will be organized in February 2015. For convenience of candidates, the tests will be organized on two Sunday’s – 22nd February and 1st March. The 6 hour test will start at 10 AM and will end at 4 PM. 

Graduates aspiring to build their careers as software developers and those who are already in programming jobs wanting their abilities to be certified by a reputed body for career enhancement can participate in ADED.

ADED leverages the Proxor Software Developer Examination that requires candidates to solve real world problems using real tools in a real programming environment. The test is built by the Carnegie Mellon University and delivered by MeritTrac in a highly secure and proctored environment. Apart from the certificate, candidates who qualify with top ratings will get an opportunity to interact with Dr. Phillip Miller, former Head of Introductory Programming in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Miller has also been associated with the Software Engineering Institute and it’s Capability Maturity Model (SEI CMM).

Registration for ADED will begin on January 15th, 2015. Candidates will have the opportunity to prepare for the test on the exact tasks and actual test environment before the exam. Access for this will be available on the website ( Results will be shared with the candidates by 15th March 2015. The online application form for the program will be hosted at The tests will be administered in MeritTrac’s Exam Centers which are certified for Proxor SDE. The proctored test will be for duration of 6 hours. The results will be shared with candidates via email and the certificates will be couriered at the registered addresses.

Phase 1 of the certification program will be organized primarily in 8 states of the country – Delhi, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Telangana, Seemandhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Multiple cities in these states have been identified for the rollout of the program. MeritTrac will also administer the test in any other city with over 25 registered candidates. More information about the cities and test centers are made available on the Software Developer Exam website.

Mr. Vasu Saksena, Chief Executive Officer, MeritTrac Service said “The Indian IT industry employs nearly 3 million people and is adding 180,000 new positions this year alone. Technology companies have been consistently challenged by the quality of software developers – particularly at the entry levels. This in turn is affecting productivity and business estimates for projects. Candidates also want to differentiate themselves with credible certifications. Making sure these new hires can do the job is critical to India’s success in providing software products and services to the global market. We at MeritTrac strongly feel that scientifically designed assessment that accurately measures the test-takers' ability to program realistic problems in a professional software development environment is the need of the hour.“ 

Mr. Barrington Hill from Proxor said,” The Authentic Developer Enrollment Drive (ADED) will be an apt platform for a large number of aspiring software developers to showcase their programming abilities that will be backed by credible certification. To add to it, the detailed feedback on the ability of each test taker will help them prepare themselves better for the real world job scenarios. The rating provided in Proxor Software Developer Examination is a global standard and hence will be recognized across the world. We are glad to be associated with MeritTrac on this first-of-its kind initiative and wish all test takers the best.”

About MeritTrac 

MeritTrac is India’s Largest Testing & Assessment services company in the private sector. MeritTrac provides innovative assessment services to leading educational institutions, government organizations and corporate entities. MeritTrac, a Group company of Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE) and with over thirteen years of experience, has been developing and administering tests for over 400 customers in more than 350 cities through 2000 certified test centres. As a pioneer in the testing space, MeritTrac has been leveraging its ISO certified test processes in transforming the way examinations are managed and delivered in India. MeritTrac’s services offer great reliability, quality and security for consistently delivering large examinations.

 Leading Corporates, Universities, Examination Boards and Governments have trusted MeritTrac to streamline its examinations – leveraging MeritTrac’s rich experience and robust technology framework. With a wide range of best of breed offerings, MeritTrac has successfully helped Institutions automate its examination processes from application forms processing to examination delivery including candidate authentication to digital evaluation of answer scripts.

About Proxor, a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff

Proxor was formed in 2013 to apply Authentic ExaminationTM to the problem of assessing professional software developers and job seekers.
Proxor’s premier assessment product, the Software Developer Examination (SDE), was developed at Carnegie Mellon University by a team of educational and testing professionals lead by Proxor’s founder, Dr. Philip Miller. Piloted worldwide by software companies of all sizes and supported by governments, the SDE is quickly becoming the premier software developer examination.

Vision and Mission

Proxor‘s vision is to assist in connecting well- prepared workforce entrants with the companies that need capable software developers. Proxor does this by examining job seekers on precisely the same skills that are needed on the job and then carefully scoring and ranking each examinee for overall competence, as well as providing an audit of skills important to the professional software developer.

Proxor’s mission is to foster a deep and efficient marketplace where employers and job seekers can find each other, knowing that scores from the exams are fair, secure and indicative of professional readiness—vastly better than today’s glossy resumes, empty degrees and meaningless certifications.

Proxor’s mission is to enable anyone in the world who is eager and prepared to work to take a Proxor exam, and that mission is reflected in our business model and pricing.

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