The Samhita Academy Rolls Out Safety Platform App Enhancing the Child Safety Systems in Schools

The Samhita Academy – One of Karnataka’s First Schools to Roll Out Safety Platform App

The Samhita Academy (TSA) is a quality school built on an inclusive model of education. It is one of Bangalore’s first private schools that was developed on the principle of RTE (Right to Education) much before the government bill was passed.

The Samhita Academy (TSA) has realised the growing need to enhance child safety systems in schools and to automate the class attendance process. The app is developed by Sowparnika Education Solutions and is being piloted at The Samhita Academy in phases. 

The cloud-based platform combines the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags for students and their authorised guardians. The platform uses visual identification of parents, guardians and children as an additional layer of authentication.

The technology will track each child who is received in transport, their attendance in school, boarding back for return and safe handover to authorised parents and guardians. It will alert parents about no show for boarding, unsupervised drop off and other events through SMS and alternate notification mechanisms.

The Samhita Academy

S.D. Shibulal, co-founder of Infosys and his wife, Kumari Shibulal, established The Samhita Academy. This unique model brings together students from economically underprivileged backgrounds and regular applicants. The Samhita Academy has two campuses, one each in Bangalore and Coimbatore. The seeds of TSA were sown with the establishment of Ankur in 2004. Ankur/Advaith foundation is a charitable organization that focused on providing high-quality education to economically backward children.

While we saw the great good that Advaith foundation helped us achieve, we knew it was time for a bigger, more wide-reaching project. And that’s when The Samhita Academy was born. Handing out scholarships to children of rag pickers or unskilled laborers does not serve the purpose. Providing them with a residential facility and access to every facet of education that normal children have is what’s important.

Advaith foundation takes in children at a very young age and assumes complete responsibility for their physical and emotional well being as well as their education. The parent-child bond is nurtured through regular visits. However, the future of the child is essentially molded and secured by Advaith foundation.

The children are housed in a campus in clean, airy, comfortable hostels, with house-mothers to look after them. They attend the Samhita Academy, a quality English medium school housed in the same campus, along with children from middle class families.

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