How Can Social Media Help Students Find a Job

How Social Media Helping Students to Find Job

In the recent times, the way a student hunts for a job has changed completely. Gone are those days when an individual has to look into the job section of a local newspaper.

There are several ways that can be deployed to find a company and contact influential employers. However, networking has become a great way in finding job opportunities. In fact social media sites have been playing a vital role in helping students to find their dream job. Yes, social media sites not only allow you to get connected with others but also help you in finding potential jobs.

While thinking about finding a good job, the students can make use of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Stunited. As they are social platforms for professionals who want to make the most of networking, it obviously sounds like a great way to look for a job. However, there are certain things that students should consider to make their profiles employer-friendly. As a student, you should make your profile more professional and it should not contain any funny pictures and drunken photos. If you are having an account in these social media sites, you must spend some time in customizing your profile in order for the prospective employers to get a good intuition of you.

Using Your Facebook Profile:

First of all, you should edit your photos and de-tag everything that throws you in a glum light. Your statuses should reflect your objectives and goals and ensure that they are apposite. You should never update something related to your previous interviews as nothing should slip through the internet. Facebook is prominently used by a lot of companies with an intention of researching their interviewees. On the other hand, it is also a good way of looking for reputable companies. Facebook may also provide you with a chance to look up the individual who is interviewing you. This might help in easing out the stress associated with attending an interview.

LinkedIn as a Professional Tool:

LinkedIn is considered to be an excellent resource for all job hunters. This social networking site allows you to upload your curriculum vitae and connect with experts of your preferred field. Moreover, your LinkedIn profile should be employer-friendly and should reflect the kind of job that you necessitate. Most companies that have a presence on this website advertise vacancies here. This site obviously serves as a platform to know more about a specific company and you can also find information about people who have been employed with the company in the recent times.

Using Twitter to Make First Contact:

Most of the companies having profiles on Twitter post jobs. If you follow the companies that you want to work for, you can stay updated with their news. However, you need to find companies associated with your chosen sector and the same area as you. Some companies do not avoid being contacted by individuals for job opportunities. They would even advice you on certain things should be done to find your preferred job. You can also find a lot of career sites that have their own Twitter stream and have been regularly updated on job opportunities in that specific field.

Using Stunited as a Tool

Stunited is new and comprehensive tool for students. Through platform a student can create personalize account and add their favorite companies, university, education consultants. It not only just help in searching job but also provide all necessity for the students like finding college courses, education consultants, accommodations, communication and life style aspect. Stunited facilitates and connects the interaction within the academic world into its global platform. Student can chat with employer, chat with professor and get suggestions from them.

As more and more individuals have been flocking at social media sites, the effect these sites have on candidate screening and job search may involve employers going deeper into the personal and professional life of the candidates.  Hence, it is advisable not to put anything online which might have an influence to hurt your job prospects. On the other hand, you should include everything that helps finding a new job. 

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