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Teaching gets even better when supplemented with technology. Teachers are actively using online resources in classrooms for better understanding of subjects by students.

Using online tools that let you create and assign lessons in a convenient manner is of great use. One of the great tools you would like to use is DocentEDU. There are various tools that can be used to make learning a fun experience but DocentEDU is different.

  • DocentEDU was created by teachers to solve the problem they always faced that was creating quality online assignments required too many steps and was still difficult to make sure that students understand the information. It is a browser extension that lets teachers add questions, discussions, videos, and more to almost any website creating interactive and engaging learning sessions.
  • DocentEDU combines the essential ingredients of a good lesson in a natural and easy way, which was never possible before. By using this tool you can be sure that your student has full knowledge of the lesson as the teaching sessions on DocentEDU are comprehensive.     
  • DocentEDU saves teachers and students time while keeping students engaged. Teachers can add questions, discussions, and insight directly into any website. Teachers have access to unlimited information relating to their subject. This tool guides students through online material as if a teacher is sitting just next to them.
  • Docents can now be shared between users! This means that one teacher in a department can make a great docent lesson, and then they can share that with any other teachers in that same department. This means that teachers can easily share and copy great lessons from each other. Not only does this share the workload, but also helps great, innovative teachers share their work. To share a docent, all a user has to do is go to their dashboard, pick which docent they'd like to share, and click the share icon to get a share link. They can then share this link on social media or email.
  • DocentEDU users can now switch back and forth between being teacher and student users. This was a feature that many of our users asked for. Now, if you are training others how to use DocentEDU or are wondering how student view looks, you can! To toggle back and forth, users simply need to go to the dashboard, click on their profile icon, and then click to change. 

When students visit the website, they can respond to questions and discussions, see insights, and take their own notes. It turns online text into interesting engaging sessions of learning.

The tool:

  • Assesses student learning with different question types, quizzes and auto grading.
  • Turns text into private whole class discussions that are focused on specific topics.
  • Helps teachers as they don’t have to revise the related topics again to move forward with the course all they have to do is embed the information to the real topic so students can go through the basics as much as they want.

DocentEDU requires users to sign in with a Google account and is a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. Once you've finished signing up go to any website and click the DocentEDU icon in the toolbar to create a lesson. You can activate the DocentEDU toolbar on any webpage by clicking on the DocentEDU extension button. This button is to the right of your browser’s address bar and has the DocentEDU logo.  Students can take their lessons by signing in as a student and enrolling by proving the class code.

student quiz online

Students can take online quizzes via DocentEDU for a better understanding of the subject. Also it assesses the performance by providing results.

create online lessons

Teachers can create lessons online on any website. Utilization of information at its best. Using the toggle option from DocentEDU toolbar, select the text. You can also add comments, provide answers, and add sticky notes.

create questions online

Create questions online to provide smart text to students.

Jay Haugen, (Superintendent of Farmington Public Schools) says,

“… Elegant, timely, straightforward solution. Immersed in good educational theory. It also does something that I look for look at technology. When technology comes to the schools it should help us design the educational experience. It should allow us to do things in the classroom that we have never really been able to do before.”

The tool was completely free during the beta however from the 2015-2016 school year it will be charged. It will charge on premium pricing which will have a low yearly fee per teacher.

Users will be able to take free trial lessons to get an idea of the tool and its usage. Free trial of 8 lessons will be given to every user. Teachers can transform their classrooms with DocentEDU. The tool works great for all subject levels and grades 5 to higher education so you can create lessons covering all the topics of your subject. It creates a unique learning experience for your students from the limitless source of text and embeddable tools available on the Internet. This tool has provided a whole new experience of online teaching and learning. DocentEDU will have a mobile app coming out this fall. It will be available for iOS and Android.

Do check out their YouTube Channel to learn more.

What has your experience been using DocentEDU?

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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