4 Apps That Can Make You Charming During The Freshman Year Of College

4 Apps That Can Make You Charming During The Freshman Year Of College

Going to a college is an experience of a lifetime, it changes you forever. This is the time when in reality you will feel like a grown up, think like a grown up and if you wish to be successful, act like a grown up.

This means you will have to transition through the changes in your life which are progressive and make you a better individual who is more mature than in the school days. Starting a college has been always exciting and fresh, people want to look forward to their first day, first week and first term at college.

Meeting new people, attending freshman parties and networking with experienced individuals in college are some of the elements to look really forward to. As a freshman you go through a lot of shifts in paradigms because there are so many things you come across, which you have not seen or experienced before. There are also different kind of pressures and social situations that can take you in its grip during the freshman period of your college. Students plan their freshman year out much before they start the college. The kind of clothes they will be wearing, how many parties will they be attending? What sort of get up, what sort of mood and how will they be socializing with the people around? However, they forget one thing, which is the technology. It plays a strong role everywhere, imagine you carrying a coolest phone to show people at college, how will you catch their attention in just a glimpse? All these things matter a lot and to a great extent. This is the reason, we have bought up this post as we talk about four great apps to make you look charming during the freshman year of your college.


Not worrying about any assignment or deadline, not forgetting any important class, your friends are surprised with your super efficiency program. Well, the secret to that is this application called iHomework. It lets you plan from one academic day to an entire term, by helping you to create homework and class schedule or alerts, keep track and monitor the progress of your homework and projects and so much more.


This is probably one of the most useful applications for you, especially when you start your research courses. Easy Bib helps you find top quality citations, sources and bibliography for your research work and thesis. So no more worrying about the literature review or finding a strong paper for your secondary research section.

Dragon Dictation

Tired of typing out assignments or writing lecture notes, well, Dragon Dictation will help you manage your assignments by typing itself. All you have to do is just speak what you want to write. With its super efficient typing and recognizing function, it will be the most accurate form of speech to type app of the day.


Tired of writing your budgets and expenses in a notebook, then forgetting about it, the new app called Mint will help you automatically manage your set budgets and wallets through the use of mobile phones.

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