How i2istudy Makes Foreign Language Learning Easy

How i2istudy Makes Foreign Language Learning Easy

Learning different foreign languages might help learners explore great career opportunities.

They can work in number of industries like travel and tourism. Moreover, multinational companies sometimes give preference to those employees who are well-versed in foreign languages if the employees need to be sent to nations abroad. Understanding of the native language of the place is very useful in helping the organisation to carry on its local operations.

Learning a foreign language opens up a lot of employment opportunities for students but when you decide to learn the foreign language, what are the several options available? Visiting language centers might be an option, but in this connected era, learning language online is a much popular option. Amongst a lot of foreign language learning online platforms available, i2istudy is a great one to know about. Using this platform users can learn a foreign language and also practice conversational skills.


It is one among those effective platforms where anyone can learn the foreign language easily. Presently, users can learn four languages Spanish, German, English and Russian. Users can also find few lessons in Chinese.

I2istudy is a wonderful platform, but users need to:

  • connect headphones
  • connect the microphone
  • have a camera (is recommended but not mandatory)

Using i2istudy anyone can be a learner or teacher.

  • As teacher, anyone can teach their native language or any language that they know well.
  • As a student anyone can learn a foreign language.

Users can share their language with each other. The service is free of cost and anyone can sign-up using Google+ and Facebook or can register using the other email id. After registration users will receive a gift of 60 minutes to start learning session. Users can also refill time balance in many ways:

  • Teach your native language:  And users will learn extra minutes, that can be used to study the foreign language.  
  • Send an invitation: Send the invitation to your known or friends and ask them to register on i2istudy receive a bonus of 30 minutes.
  • Watch a video about i2istudy: answer the questions and get 30 minutes.
  • Connect: to Google+, Facebook or VK accounts and accept 15 minutes free for each account.
  • Publicize your referral link: Publicize the referral link anywhere, and if the registration comes from the referral link, users will receive 30 minutes as a gift as well as next 30 minutes free for each new registered user.
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