Aisoy1 V5: the Spanish Social Robot that Might Improve Education in Spain

Aisoy1 V5: the Spanish Social Robot that will transform education in Spain

Education for a new century

We are passionate about computers and technology because our fathers gave us an computer (Amstrad, MSX, Spectrum,…) when we were young. We spent a lot of hours enjoying those magical devices. We learnt so much doing amazing things like “drawing a line in a green monitor” ;-).

We developed our passion professionally because of that (and, maybe, because of science fiction literature and movies). We would like to give children a similar amazing learning experience (updated to nowadays) and we think that the best way is to offer something new, special and magical. Artificial intelligence and robotics joined together can provide this: a more realistic, tangible, direct, immersive and fun educational experience. We would like to empower kids to explore and stimulate their creativity.

Education needs to adapt to current times and prepare our kids for the future,  not giving the answers but promoting an attitude based on “learning to learn”  and discovering how things work. Learning to enjoy to investigate, analyze,  build, establish a hypothesis, experiment, discover, collaborate, share and  communicate. To be successful means to answer to the following kids’ needs:

  • Kids need to touch, play and experiment with real things (not only multimedia things) by themselves 
  • Kids need something new that surprises and engages them – something magical           
  • Kids need a personal strategy with things going at their own speed because of different levels and types of intelligence in the classroom as well  as at home.

Current technologies (electronic boards, computers, tablets, electromechanical  robot kits) do not fully fulfill those needs. Instead, Aisoy Social robots are real  and magic, because they are interactive robots! In this day and age, a social  robot has the power to engage like never before. And ours robots are the perfect  way to adapt to every kid because they are emotional.         

What is an Aisoy1?

The Aisoy1 is a very affordable programmable social robot (cognitive and  emotional robots which use artificial intelligence). It is not a toy. It is a capable  magic device that enables people of all ages to explore social robotics, and to  learn how to program social robots in languages like Scratch, Blocky and  Python. It's is capable of doing most of the things you'd expect a social robot to  do, from talking with you, to feeling if you touch it or move it, to seeing objects or  faces and playing games.

The Aisoy1 has the ability to be social establishing emotional links with users  and to interact with the outside world (physical, digital and electronic devices),  and has been used in a wide array of activities where emotions are key, from  robotics theatre plays to teaching maths and helping kids with autism. We want  to see Aisoy1 being used by kids of all ages over the world to learn to program  social robots and understand how they work.


Aisoy1 V5 has arrived! Combining the most advanced social robotics we've ever developed with the new  mobile features, unleash your creativity to bring Aisoy1 to life with easy, intuitive and visual programming tools  as Scratch.

Aisoy1 V5 can be programmed to talk, think, see, feel when you touch it, moving and many other things you  can imagine. Aisoy1 V5 encourages your creative thinking while you imagine new challenges, discover how to  solve them, create the solution, learn to code, code for fun and touch the results. Want to share your own  creations and be inspired by others? Join our growing online community. Aisoy1 is helping  to transform education experience!

A personalized way to play learning

Kids can define how they want to play, what they  want to know, and how they want to build. Aisoy1  can be there every step of the way giving it an  emotional touch. Empower your child to program Aisoy1 into anything they imagine using  its social capabilities as facial expressions or  storytelling.

A more emotional way to interact with real-world

There is a lot of amazing things to discover out there,  and Aisoy1 are ready help you to explore them.  Program it to say things and express emotion when  you touch it, draw an smile when it sees a face,  dance around you when you asking for, or change its  lights when it changes its position.

Enjoy science, technology, engineering, art and maths!

Code maths questions/ answers or memory games, discover how to make Aisoy1 move, feel and drive, learn trigonometry or physics with electronic add-ons, make a theatre play or transform your Aisoy1 in a magician. Doing all these things with Aisoy1, its accessories and creativity is easy and fun.

A more emotional way to interact with real-world

There is a lot of amazing things to discover out there, and Aisoy1 are ready help you to explore them.  Program it to say things and express emotion when  you touch it, draw an smile when it sees a face,  dance around you when you asking for, or change its  lights when it changes its position.

Visual and Simple

Aisoy1 can be programmed with Scratch and Blockly. They are a drag-and-drop programming languages that snaps together like puzzle pieces. Start by sending simple commands, learn programming concepts as you play, and progress to creating more complex algorithms using all Aisoy1 capabilities and add-ons to enrich them, among other languages as Python.

Endless creative possibilities

  • Natural language: Explore Aisoy1 natural language capabilities in your creations. The natural and  social way to communicate us.
  • Vision: Use advanced vision artificial algorithms to include object and face detection and entry in other dimension.
  • Mobility: Control the Aisoy1 Botmobile or other mobile device to explore how to make a line  following robot, make a race or explore speed and acceleration concepts.
  • Collaboration: Make that several Aisoy1 and other add-ons work together for introduce you in collaborative robotics.

What importance does robotics play in student's life? Share your views in the comment box.

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