Learning Languages Online just got Simpler with LingosMio

The LingosMio Story

Alok, the founder of LingosMio has been fond of learning foreign languages for a long time.

He believes that ever since he learnt Spanish, his life changed. He says his life has 2 phases, before learning a foreign language and after.

A bit over a year ago he took a trip to South America. Whilst travelling across most countries was a breeze since he spoke Spanish, he feels he missed out on Brazil since he did not speak Portuguese. He came back and decided to learn Portuguese. Since it was difficult to find a good tutor, Alok looked online, but there weren’t any good resources he could find. That’s when the idea of LingosMio came up.

LingosMio is a language-learning platform where you can learn languages step by step using online courses.

What makes LingosMio different?

To put it in one line: With LingosMio you will learn the language not the phrases.

With other platforms you can learn the words and learn up phrases. But LingosMio has online interactive courses, which allow you to really learn a language.

Alok says “Languages are a thought process and it’s important to understand that thought process in order to be fluent in the language. People try to memorise, which is the reason most people give up on learning languages very quickly. When you learnt Mathematics did you memorise the result of each and every multiplication or did you learn how the multiplication was done. Similarly you need to understand the root of each word and how to use
the words in order to become fluent in the language.”

The courses at LingosMio are created with this mindset.

Most language learners have a problem taking part in a conversation. At LingosMio the most important thing in the courses is the accent on conversational skills and the actual use of the language. The courses have a great focus on speaking and listening skills, which is not something you find in other language programs.

LingosMio was only made open to public in January 2015 and already has more than 10,000 registered users from over 200 countries. LingosMio offer courses in Spanish, English, Hindi and Mandarin Chinese. Languages such as Hindi and Mandarin have never been taught online in this manner.

They recently launched LingosMio on Android too. At present you can learn Spanish using their android devices.

Alok believes that learning languages is the most pleasurable thing to do in this world. The only thing more pleasurable is being able to communicate with people in multiple languages. That’s why the goal at LingosMio is to make this feeling come alive for everybody. 

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