Social Accounts & Pinterest Boards to Follow to Learn About Twitter in the Classroom

Social Pages, Accounts and Boards to Follow to Learn About Twitter in the Classroom

More and more educators are turning to social media platforms for professional development, sharing their thoughts, finding resources or any kind of help for their classroom. Social media platforms are the best ways for the educators across the globe to give and seek support for their classroom development.

Twitter can create magic in 140 characters! And twitter is spreading its magic in classrooms as well. Even though there are a lot of resources on use of social media, but not all are very useful or relevant. Here are amazing social accounts and Pinterest boards to follow to learn about using Twitter in the classroom.

Some of my favorite accounts are:

Vicki Davis, @coolcatteacher: Vicki Davis is a world famous teacher and author of Cool Cat Teacher blog. She frequently shares her ideas, thoughts on various topics like how to navigate various technologies for education purpose and her teaching experience. She offers tutorial and tips, her tweets are great inspiration for every teacher.

Steven W. Anderson@web20classroom: Steven W. Anderson is an educator, blogger, Twitterer Of the year and ASCD emerging leader. His twitter account is loaded with lot of resources and tips. Teachers across the globe can also chat with him and discuss.

Tom Whitby, @tomwhitby: Tom Whitby is founder of #Edchat and possesses deep experience in guiding many social discussions about teaching. He keep tweeting insightful tweets, tips, links for teachers. From analyses of the common core to debating teaching Whitby’s Twitter timeline helps to dig out various information related to your work.

Eric Sheninger, @E_Sheninger: Eric Sheninger is a principal of New Milford High School, New Jersey. Eric Sheninger provides insight about managerial side of teaching. He shares about the programs of his school, and latest trends about learning and teaching. He is also a social tweeter, regularly engaging and interacting with his readers in great conversations.

Sheryl NussbaumBeach, @snbeach: Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of  Powerful Learning Practice, where she works with schools and districts from across the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Israel, Norway, and China to re-envision their learning cultures and communities through the Connected Learner Experience and other e-learning opportunities.

Other Accounts and Pinterest Boards for Twitter in the Classroom

1) Applechalk’s EdTech links by Bethany C.: Advocate for technology in education, PhD candidate, and former k12 teacher, Educational Technologist at Purdue University

On Pinterest: Twitter In The Classroom

Follow on Twitter @applechalk

2) Learning Technologies Resources About the use of Twitter in the Classroom. Provided by the Burleson ISD Learning Technologies Department.

On Pinterest: TWITTER

Follow on Twitter @mamaestes

3) Sherry Potter’s apps and guidance for teaching with Twitter.

On Pinterest: EdTech: Twitter in the classroom

Follow on Twitter @sdp_bdv_nl

 4) Mrs. Malespina’s board “Twitter in the Classroom”. Her board includes numerous resources for parents, students and teachers.

Check her website to know more.

5) Mrs. Fiske’s board “Twitter in the Classroom”.

Follow her @fiskeclass

6) U-High Library’s board “Twitter in the classroom” Maintained by Gretchen Zaitzeff.

Follow him on Twitter @GZaitzeff

7) Michelle Taylor’s “Twitter in the classroom”. An educator who loves to learn new things.

8) Twitter and Education by Katrina Hall & Lynn Dizazzo : educators who like to make school “Pinteresting”.

Follow on Twitter @pendeskllc

9) Kim Brown’s board “Twitter in the Classroom

Connect with her on Facebook.

10) Louisiana EdTech Council: helping teachers maximize students' learning by strategically leveraging educational technology tools through blended and personalized learning.

On Pinterest: Twitter in the Classroom  

11) Twitter in the Classroom by EZ 2bSAVED , Dr. Michael England: Professor of education 

Follow him on Twitter @twit4him

12) Get tips for using twitter in the classroom and for creating your own PLN by Kelli Gargus, Stephanie Phillips, Michelle White & Johnna Ward.

On Pinterest: Classy Tech: Twitter   

13) Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, & other Social Media in the Classroom by Jennifer Walker.

Follow her blog to know more.

14) Judy Bonnstetter spreading information about how to get started with Twitter, what does some of the twitter lingo mean, and how to use twitter in the higher education classroom.

On Pinterest: Classroom Technology: Twitter

15) Jossey-Bass Education: The K-12 education team at Jossey-Bass Publishers, a Wiley Imprint. interests include educational leadership, special needs, common core, EdTech, and more.

On Pinterest: Twitter for teachers

Follow on Twitter @JBEducation

16) Twitter Tips For Teachers!

Tips, tricks, ideas for using Twitter in the classroom and as personal PD by Lindsey Lipsky, special education teacher and dyslexia advocate.

Follow her on Twitter @LinseyLipsky

17) Twitter in the Elementary Classrooms by Holly Marich

A collection of published research, blogs and other resources related to Twitter in the elementary classroom.

On Pinterest: Twitter in the Elementary Classroom

18) JoRae Myers, middle school science instructor.  Her board on pinterest will get you to all the insights about how to use twitter in the classroom.

On Pinterest: Twitter in the Classroom

Connect with her on Facebook.

19) Know about Twitter use in education by Andrea Yesalusky.

 On Pinterest: Twitter in the Classroom

Connect with her on Facebook.

20) Jan Anttila’s board on pinterest will bring you all the latest news on how you can mix twitter in classroom.

Follow her on Twitter @jkantilla.

Connect with her on Facebook.       


What are your views about using Twitter in classroom? Which boards do you follow?

Share with us in the comment box below. 

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