16 Great Tools for Digital Classrooms

16 Great Tools for Digital Classrooms


Online Learning Exchange :

  • Ever imagined what happens with textbooks start talking to you? Well nevertheless, online learning exchange is presenting the digitalization of Pearson Books.
  • Educational publisher Pearson is taking the future of educational content development into their own hands, through amazing resources like the Online Learning Exchange.
  • The site is still in its first stages but has already been part of pilot programs in states like Texas, where teachers can use resources offered by Pearson to build, share, and discuss their lesson plans.
  • Even better, it’s easy for teachers to enrich lessons with videos, documents, and even games.
  • It gives a great access to other teachers to discuss what could make a lesson better.

Prentice Hall Writing Coach

  • Writing coach is another pilot program by Pearson, which is also getting a lot of use in Texas classrooms. With writing being a skill that many students need to hone, the timing couldn’t be better for an educational tool like this to emerge.
  • The PHWC is an online curriculum that guides teachers and students through a series of activities and projects designed to bolster writing skills in grades six through 12. It’s flexible, personalizable, and will likely inspire many similar programs in the coming years.

Three Ring :

  • Three Ring was founded in November 2011 by Michael Lindsay, Stephen Silvius, and Alec Turnbull.
  • More and more modern classroom interactions are taking place online, and programs like Three Ring can help to make that process a whole lot more streamlined.
  • Through Three Ring, teachers can easily digitize student work, create online portfolios, and even assess student progress. Even better, it can all be done right from a smart phone.

Class Dojo :

  • Recently launched education startup ClassDojo is a really great tool for teachers who need a little help with behavior management.
  • Through the site, teachers can offer students real-time feedback on their behavior and can print out daily reports for students and parents.
  • It could quickly become a popular way for teachers to spend less time on classroom management and more time on actually teaching lessons.
  • Now it is also available as iphone app.
  • Class Dojo is used to keep a record of student behavior in 3/4C. Students can earn points for showing respect, responsibility, clever thinking, independence, organizational skills and team work.


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