16 Great Tools for Digital Classrooms

16 Great Tools for Digital Classrooms


HMH Fuse :

  • HMH Fuseis an educational ipad app - the first K-12 core curriculum app developed exclusively for the iPad.
  • Pearson isn’t the only educational publisher looking to think outside the usual textbook box. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is also working on their own high-tech educational tools, HMH Fuse.
  • Fuse isn’t computer-based, instead operating exclusively on the iPad. The platform offers Common Core lessons in interactive form for Algebra and Geometry, though others may be rolled out in the coming months.
  • It’s designed to help keep students motivated and to raise their test scores, boasting in-app homework help for students and tracking capabilities for teachers as well.

Integrated Applications

  • Android apps and iphone apps have become a common tool used for regular education process.
  • A pilot program in Arkansas that blends a custom-curriculum with iPad applications is one among many such programs being developed in the United States for use in the K-12 classroom.
  • Educational applications are increasingly playing a major role in teaching, and as new programs are developed and refined, few teachers can expect to stay untouched by the growing trend.
  • Students in the Arkansas classroom got a chance to read iPad based books, Skype with the author in class, and design and built their own adventure stories, an experience that will undoubtedly become more common in the future.

Social Media-Based Learning :

  • While many schools still ban YouTube, LinkedIn , Facebook, and Twitter, the reality is that social media offers so many opportunities for learning that it will be increasingly difficult to justify prohibiting students from using it for educational purposes.
  • Already, many students are using sites like Evernote (Free Guide Available Here ), Skitch, Blogger, and YouTube to develop amazing projects, even in early elementary school.
  • While many social media tools for learning already exist, there will likely be an explosion of new sites in the coming years and new ways for teachers to use existing sites that will make social media an indispensable tool in the classroom.


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