16 Great Tools for Digital Classrooms

16 Great Tools for Digital Classrooms


Socrative :

  • Socrative has fabulous features.  It allows user to enter their roll number and accordingly arrange them in next session available.
  • These days, it isn’t enough to reach out to students just over a laptop. Tools like Socrative understand that, engaging students through educational games and exercises via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Teachers simply choose activities for students that relate to their lessons, students interact with the content, and teachers can then measure how much students are taking away from a lesson. It’s simple and could be a quick and easy way for teachers to gauge student progress.

Late Nite Labs :

  • Now for those who want to experiment with their chemicals, Rectify changes in physics instruments and hang out with biological idols, Late Nite Labs are available.
  • Labs are interactive, so students are free to explore all the different directions an experiment can take.
  • For example, If a student adds pure sodium to water by accident, she won’t get an error message. The flask will explode, as it would in real life.
  • With school districts around the nation fretting about STEM education, tools like Late Nite Labs could become an ever more important asset in a teacher’s arsenal.
  • Schools that cannot afford lab equipment or who just want to give students extra practice can use the program to complete virtual labs, enhancing STEM education in chemistry and biology without substantial increasing school budgets or requiring a large amount of new resources.
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