5 Excellent Free & Useful Apps for Teachers

5 Excellent Free & Useful Apps for Teachers

A teacher who aims at keeping up with the times can find dozens if not hundreds of apps that would be useful in his/her job; in fact, there are so many of them that it is extremely hard to choose anything in particular: apps repeat each other, perform similar but not identical functions, differ in prices and do a hundred other things to frustrate you.

Here we’ve gathered a list of apps that are both useful and won’t cost you a dime – if you like what they do you may start using them right away.


Remind101 has been specifically designed as a platform where communication between teachers, students and their parents would be easy and safe, with the emphasis on safe. Remind101 allows teachers send notices and announcements to students and parents, give instructions and so on. It doesn’t sound too spectacular, but the catch is that no personal information is shared between participants of communication and everything they talk about is carefully logged without any party being capable of deleting anything.


Keeping students’ behavior in check is one of the most difficult tasks a teacher faces, and any help in this department is indispensable. ClassDojo brings an element of a game into this job: it allows you to create customizable avatars for student and then award or subtract points depending on their in-class behavior. In addition to that, the app automatically sends the kid’s parents email reports with charts showing how their offspring is doing.

IceCream PDF Split&Merge

Due to its independence from special software, PDF is by far the most popular format of electronic documents. It is, however, rather unwieldy and annoyingly hard to manage, which makes an app for making it easier quite useful. IceCream PDF Split&Merge doesn’t have a lot of fancy and unnecessary functions, but it does everything one expects from it: with its help you can combine PDF files and split them any way you like, remove and shuffle pages, work with password-protected files and simply read PDFs – all with the help of one small app.


TeacherKit provides a clean and easy way of keeping track of your students’ attendance, grades and behavior. In other words, it combines all the useful information about your student in one app, allows for easy information entry and provides quick summaries on students’ behavior and grades.


Edmodo may be called a classroom extension app. It allows students and teacher maintain communication wherever they are located. Teachers can send notifications, provide additional information, post new assignments and update the old ones, and students can submit their works and get grades all the while having access to the relevant information without the tedious business of ringing each other up.

It is fascinating to see how much more convenient our lives became over the last decade or so due to rapid development of Internet technologies – today one can hardly imagine how teachers managed to do their job without all these little useful things. And you may be sure that there are many more apps that can make your job even easier. You just don’t know about them yet.

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Author: Melissa Burns
Melissa is a graduate student of the faculty of Journalism. She is passionate about education and information technology and tries to do her best to connect these two spheres.

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