Storyboard That Releases Timeline Layout

Storyboard That Releases Timeline Layout

Storyboard That, a Boston-based, global leader in digital storytelling for both educational and business clients, released its newest storyboard layout: Timelines. The company added the Timeline layout to its existing suite of layouts, including T-Chart, Spider Map, Frayer Model, and Grid.

Storyboard That was founded in 2012 by CEO Aaron Sherman and has helped customers create over 750,000 storyboards for use in the classroom, at home, and in the office. Storyboard That enlists the help of teaching professionals to create their comprehensive teaching guides and educational articles and has a team of professional artists to create an extensive premade art library for use in storyboards.

Storyboards and advanced layouts like timelines can be made in three simple steps:

  • 1. Clicking into the Storyboard Creator using the button on the homepage,
  • 2. Dragging and dropping a scene from the vast list of modern and historical scene, and
  • 3. Dragging a dropping a character from the diverse list of adults, children, modern-day, and historical figures.

“Timelines will radically change the way our users are creating storyboards,” Sherman commented. “Between history events, literary plots, and scientific discoveries, the options are endless.” The release has been well-received so far, and Sherman went on to say, “We’ve already received positive feedback from our teachers and we are excited to see what our students create.”

Storyboard That’s Head Curriculum Creator, Rebecca Ray, has written over 60 articles and teacher guides for Storyboard That and is equally as enthusiastic about the new release. “Time is so important in plot development and character analysis, so being able to create timelines will be perfect,” Ray noted. When she’s not writing for Storyboard That, Ray teaches High School English full-time. She went on to add, “Understanding literary time periods is crucial in reading comprehension and by creating a timeline storyboard, my students will be able to better visualize the time that a particular novel or play takes place in.”

This is the start of an exciting summer for the 3-year-old company, who will be attending ISTE, one of the largest international education conventions in the world, at the end of June. They will also be rolling out countless pieces of new content as they ramp up for the ‘Back to School’ season.

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