Get Set Sorted Emerged as Top Educational Startup in Unitus Seed Fund India

Get Set Sorted Emerged as Top Educational Startup in Unitus Seed Fund India

Some are lucky to know what they want to do in life. Many are confused of what career choices they should make.

To solve their dilemma Saahil Narang a St. Xavier’s College topper along his friend Kalpesh from IITB started a Get Set Sorted, which has emerged as the top educational startup in India out of 300+ startups by Unitus Seed Fund India and has won Rs. 5 lakh as seed capital.

Get set sorted provides end to end career guidance solutions to school and college students including career assessments, counselling and mentorship, and experiential learning helping them to choose the right career options. Saahil was later joined by Dheeraj Chaudhary an MBA from FMS, New Delhi. Dheeaj decided to quit his high paying job at an employability startup Aspiring minds, realizing that the root cause of problems in the education sector lies in the lack of career and self awareness.

Saahil says “I was lucky to born in a small town - Nasik as I believe it is this middle India where the real Indian aspirations are! While working at case with Wold Wide Web foundation, how internet could empower young India in making career decisions.  Hence, I took one of the toughest decisions of my life - quit a high paying corporate job, to follow a dream - a dream of giving back to the next generation all the opportunities, which I was lucky to have and more.” Get Set sorted has helped around 1800 students to make their career choice with the help of 100 mentors and worked with 16 schools. Get set sorted is one of the fast growing startup working to change the way how educational guidance works in India.  They believe that young achievers who have been there done that are better able to inspire and ensure that students succeed in their careers, rather than generalist career counselors with outdated information.

They have created their own propriety assessment tool called career integrated test with top physiologists in India. This scientific tool gives a detail analysis of students on what career options they should take based on aptitude, interest and motivations. In their research phase, they have undertaken a physical mentoring pilot with 50 students in a low income school in New Delhi. And have interviewed more than 500 high school students. Get Set sorted was only Indian startup to be selected for WYSE Brazil, 2015 based on their innovative model for social change. They have also won prestigious competitions like Startup Weekend Bangalore sponsored by Google and Amazon. If you are a parent or educationist, confused about your child’s career, you know where they can get sorted.

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