Build Student Listening Skills with Listen Current as it Announces FREE Summer Access for all teachers and parents

Listen Current, an edtech company that curates the best of public radio to keep teaching connected to the real world and build student listening skills at the same time, announced today it is offering free summer access to Listen Current PREMIUM for all teachers and parents.

The Summer of Listening program gives teachers and parents a curated collection of thought-provoking stories from public radio that engages kids, sharpens their listening skills and makes them think.

Listen Current sees a clear opportunity for teachers and parents to go beyond the traditional summer reading list and use public radio stories to educate kids about what’s going on in the world around them while building literacy skills. Learn about historical topics such as the Chinese Exclusion Act from immigrants who were detained at Angel Island.  Explore Maya Angelou’s life and legacy. Dive to the depths of the ocean to study coral reefs and climate change.  Keep up with current events with stories about cheating in the NFL.  Read our full Summer Listening List.

Our PREMIUM version allows kids to read interactive transcripts as they listen to the stories, or even listen to a slower version if the language is too challenging. The stories can be used in summer school and tutoring programs or directly by parents. Signing up is free and easy (link to the sign up page??)

“There is a tremendous need for educational content that connects what students are learning to the real world,” said Brady-Myerov, who is also Listen Current’s CEO. “And summer is a great time to try a new approach with kids that practices their listening and literacy skills, right from their Smartphone.  Public radio gets them thinking critically as citizens of the world.”

The Summer of Listening program runs from June 1 – Aug 15 and is open to all teachers and parents simply by signing up for a free account. Learn more about how our PREMIUM version works by visiting Listen Current How It Works

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