Texthelp Announces Bilingual ‘Read&Write for Google’ for French and English

Texthelp Announces Bilingual ‘Read&Write for Google’ for French and English

Texthelp, a leader in language and literacy support software, is pleased to announce the French version of ‘Read&Write for Google’ available today. 

‘Read&Write for Google’, introduced in May 2013, is Texthelp’s most popular and fastest growing reading and writing support tool that is used by over 1.7 million students, teachers and individuals, that works seamlessly with Google Apps for Education.

‘Read&Write for Google’ is used by thousands of students across Canada, many of whom are French immersion students and require bilingual support. Given the demand for a French version of ‘Read&Write for Google’ by Texthelp’s customers and the more than 7.7 million people in Canada who speak French as their mother tongue, Texthelp is now very pleased to offer bilingual (French/English) support.

“Texthelp’s ‘Read&Write for Google’ has already proven to be a very powerful tool in supporting reading and writing in English for our 60,000 students and has leveled the playing field for all learners, especially our struggling students,” said Judy Sackville, Itinerant Resource Teacher, Halton District School Board in Canada.

Sackville continued: “The French version of ‘Read&Write for Google’ will open doors for our students and staff in Halton DSB. With about 30% of our schools being French immersion, this will further foster motivation, engagement and independence of both students and teachers. With Texthelp’s easily deployable Chrome extension, with all the tools right there in our GAFE environment, it is revolutionizing education.”

User friendly support - whenever it’s needed

‘Read&Write for Google’ is a user-friendly Chrome extension that makes the web and files in Google Drive more accessible. It’s great for students at all levels who need a little extra help with everyday tasks like reading, writing essays or researching assignments.

  • Hear on-screen text read aloud to improve reading comprehension
  • Understand unfamiliar words with text and picture dictionaries
  • Develop writing skills with word prediction
  • Check spelling mistakes with proofreading tools
  • Research assignments with study skills tools
  • All tools offer full bilingual support (French/English)

“The GAFE market in Canada is huge and growing. It’s great that our current Canadian school districts love our ‘Read&Write for Google’ software and have been asking us for a localized French language product. So we’re thrilled to offer this version for their students learning French as a Second Language or for those enrolled in French Immersion programs,” said Mark McCusker, CEO of Texthelp. “It is our goal at Texthelp to encourage avid readers and fluent writers and this is another step forward by supporting bilingual (French/English) students.

“We recognize the growing ELL student population with nearly one in every ten public school students classified as English language learners  and we plan to add additional languages in the future to accommodate this increasing demand.”

More than 40 million students, teachers and administrators rely on Google Apps for Education to learn, communicate and work together more efficiently. Texthelp continues to be a proud Google ‘for Education’ Partner that excels in creating support technologies for the GAFE environment.

Download your FREE 30-day trial at the Chrome Web store. Teachers can get a FREE premium subscription to‘Read&Write for Google’. To register and activate your subscription, go to rw.texthelp.com/freeforteachers after installing the ‘Read&Write for Google’ trial.

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