[EdTech in Asia] EdTech Startups from Philippines You Must Know

[EdTech in Asia] EdTech Startups from Philippines You Must Know

The Philippines has been cited as one of the top 10 countries in the world in terms of high growth in “e-learning”.

In the Philippines, e-learning has been gaining ground in the education sector. Few edtech startups from Philippines that are now contributing to the emerging market are mentioned below: 


For developing nations like the Philippines, remittances from overseas workers play an important role. There are currently around 10 million Filipinos working overseas, sending money home to their families in order to support them. PhilSmile is a startup out of the Philippines that aim to make the remittance process more efficient.

PhilSmile offers a unique payment facility in which the overseas Filipino can pay the child's tuition through PhilSmile's payments system and the enterprise will directly remit the tuition to the child's school.

In return also, PhilSmile will report to the overseas parent the child's performance in school through his or her academic records. It makes the payment for children’s education back in the Philippines much easier. With only a few clicks away, you can be updated with their grades & school activities. You can pay for your loved one's tuition in the Philippines directly, 
Quick, easy and hassle-free!

Available for any kindergarten, elementary, high school, college or university in the Philippines! It guarantees the issuance of exam permits within 3 working days after making a payment.

JakenPoy’s Study buddy

Study Buddy is a major offering of Jakenpoy.com. 

Study Buddy is a tool to access free ready-made reviewers as well as make new ones. After selecting or creating reviewers, parents can assign these to their kids, who answer them in their own part of the site—Study Buddy for Kids.

 Reports are instantaneous as Reviewers are automatically corrected. Parents can also share their Reviewers to the community or their friends, thus making the library larger. 
Teachers can also take advantage of this free service. For teachers, assigning the work to entire sections is possible. This can either be accessed through Jakenpoy.com or as an iOS app that can be downloaded from App Store. Both formats are free.


Organize student's data, manage online payments, and put your school's bookstore online with Klaseko. Klaseko simplifies the enrollment process by bringing it online.

Learn how schools can make the enrollment process easier and faster for their administration staff!

KITE eLearning Solutions

KITE Inc. is an educational solutions company that specializes in the development of e-learning materials as well as the digitization of print publications.

KITE exists to design and develop research-based educational products that empower 21st century teaching and learning, through the effective integration of authoritative content and cutting-edge technologies.

The platform offers:

  • Digital Publications: KITE can create any type of publications—be it trade books, textbooks, magazines, or journals—operable into your choice of digital format, platform, and mobile device.
  • Educational Games: KITE develops engaging and relevant game-based learning apps that encourage student’s critical thinking and creativity by applying curriculum-based lessons.
  • Interactive Lessons: KITE generates learning objects with various levels of complexity—from single-screen interactions to highly interactive, simulated environments that respond to a variety of user inputs.
  • Assessment Programs: KITE designs computer-based assessment tools and stimulating alternatives to drill-and-practice exercises, complete with built-in automated feedback and scoring facility.

Miss Ellen C. Macaraeg, Principal II, Tenejero Elementary School, City of Balanga, quotes in EDTECH: A TOUCH OF BETTER LEARNING IN THE PHILIPPINES:

 ‘The adequacy of computer in school varies directly with the student’s performance. To maintain the existence of EdTech, the government supports the spread of EdTech in most of the schools in the Philippines. Indeed, we should not neglect EdTech. With EdTech, Filipino students will be more educated as well as competitive and competent in their study.’ 

Are you an education entrepreneur from Philippines? Are you an educator from Philippines who loves integrating technology in the classroom? Do share with us the edtech startups and products that you are aware of in the comment box.

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