Track Mastery of Literacy Skills and Common Core Standards in Real-time with Curriculet

Curriculet is a web based reading platform where students can read any text with an embedded layer of annotations, questions, and quizzes. These layers, called Curriculet, pop out as students read so they are instructed and assessed at just the right moment.

Curriculet is revolutionizing the way kids read, and how teachers create, share, and teach with a simple yet dynamic digital reading platform. Curriculet enables teachers to deliver customized, common core aligned learning and digitally create and share their curriculum and lesson materials. It also allows school district nationwide to purchase eBooks at a lower cost, expanding their library and enabling teachers to broaden their reading list, making reading more enjoyable for all students.

“They believe, that every moment of learning begins with reading, that teaching is a craft, and that the most effective curricula begins with the inspired work of great teachers and is perfected through peer collaboration.”

Jason Singer, a former English teacher and founder of KIPP Summit Academy and KIPP King Collegiate High School, and Mauricio Alvareza found Curriculet in 2012.  Curriculet delivers articles curated for classrooms and pre-loaded with interactive layers of instruction targeted to elementary, middle and high school reading levels to develop nonfiction and informational text reading skills for all students.

Teachers select a textbook and can assign it to their students. They then add in multimedia components (e.g. video clips, multiple choice or open-ended quizzes, vocabulary explanations, etc.),with the goal of deepening student engagement. Teachers can also take advantage of preconfigured texts, complete with multimedia and assessments.

While reading an assignment, students select “pop-ups” to engage with the multimedia components added by the teacher. Curriculet tracks student time reading the text and responses to quizzes, and reports this data to teachers. The tool then facilitates grading of the responses.

Current events can also be taught as lesson plan for elementary, middle and high school students on Curriculet. With an increasing emphasis on informational texts, finding great current event and nonfiction articles as well as delivering outstanding lessons that develop skills to unlock informational texts are vital for English, social studies, and science teachers.


USA TODAY news articles on Curriculet provide access to these kinds of texts and include in-text assessment focused on a specific standard. Students can choose their own USA TODAY articles to read independently. This gives students a true newspaper experience that improves reading comprehension and informational text literacy skills. Teachers can also assign the current event article as a part of the lesson plan. 

With the on-demand USA TODAY library, students have access to relevant and timely news articles that are curated for students and include an embedded layer of questions and annotations. Each article is focused on a particular informational text standard. Every day new articles are added and students can select from a variety of topics that are sure to spark their interest. Plus, teacher gets deep insight into student reading with data from independent reading. Students choose what they read; it helps develop a love of reading and Curriculet has made it easier for them by featuring USA TODAY news articles on Curriculet.

Recently, the platform announced the 2015 National Summer Reading Challenge. The event is from USA TODAY and Curriculet.

USA TODAY and Curriculet partnered to provide a free, turnkey summer reading program that motivates students to read while giving teachers, administrators, and parents a way to encourage and monitor student reading.

The product, Curriculet is accessible through browsers on any computer or mobile device. Teachers and students must have access to the Internet in order to use the product. To get started with Curriculet, teachers sign up, organize their classes, and send students class codes to sign up. The product provides a free trial for 45 days and is charged afterwards. Teachers can teach 10 ‘Curriculets’ or books for free.

In August 2014, the product was used by 1,75,000 students and 26,000 teachers in over 5,000 schools whereas latest as of March 2015, Curriculet had grown to reach a monthly audience of 4,50,000 students and 50,000 teachers, in 10,000 schools which signifies a tremendous growth and likability of the product among educational stakeholders. 

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